SIIMC 2022

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SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference (SIIMC2022)



OCTOBER 12 - 14, 2022 | Hilton Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park


In continuation to its commitment to knowledge dissemination for Mobility Industry SAEINDIA in collaboration with SAE International is pleased to announce its 10th SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference (SIIMC2022).

Mobility Industry had undergone a transformative change during the last decade due to the advent of Disruptive Technologies powered by emerging areas viz., ConnectedAutonomousShared and Electric. Driving forward, the future will be driven towards Multimodal transportation – the integrated use of several different forms of transport will shape our travel not only between cities but even for transportation within the cities and societies. This will mean integration of diverse technologies like telecom, communication, remote sensing, machine learning etc for providing wholesome mobility for the society. Keeping these developments in mind the theme for SIIMC2022 will be: “Sustainable Multi-Modal Mobility Ecosystem”.


Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
Emission, Environment & Sustainability
Manufacturing, Materials and Lightweight Solutions
Simulation and Testing
Standards, Policies & Regulations
Vehicle Dynamics, Active Safety & Control
Vehicle Electronics & Software
Urban Air Mobility
5G Technology and Applications
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Urban Mass Transit System
Inland Water Transport
Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Hyperloop Application








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[accordion-item title="Autonomous & Connected Vehicles"]

Panoptic Based Camera and Lidar Fusion for Distance Estimation in Autonomous Driving Vehicles
Develop Heterogeneous AUTOSAR Adaptive and Classic Applications Using Model-Based Design
Functional Safety Concept of “Minimum Risk Maneuver” in Conditional Driving Automation (Level 3) vehicles
Common Vulnerability Considerations as an Integral Part of the Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering Process
Design and Implementation of Adaptive Accident Avoidance System for Autonomous Vehicles
Validation Challenges of Safety of the Intended Functionalities (SOTIF) Risks/Hazards
Caption Generation for Traffic Signs Using a Deep Neural Scheme
Automatic Radar Obstacle Classification using LSTM
Multi Sensor Information fusion for determining Road Quality for Semi Autonomous Vehicles
Evolution of ADAS and V2X(Vehicle to vehicle/cloud/infrastructure) for Indian roads and the Challenges thereof.
Engine Overheating Prediction with Machine learning using Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM)
Carbon Credit Scoring System for Road Vehicles
Cloud Based Framework for OBD-II System Diagnosis using Recursive Least Square Parametric Estimation


[accordion-item title="Inland Water Transport"]

Investigations on levitation process of the boat vehicle attached with air vessels – a revolutionary discussion in waterway transportation


[accordion-item title="Emission, Environment & Sustainability"]

Method to improve DPF regeneration performance for challenging driving profiles.
Study on Exhaust Particle and Unregulated Emission Characteristics of a Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engine with HCNG Fuel
Process improvement for tire reusability
Production of Methanol by using Formic Acid with CuO/GO Composite
Comparative assessment of alumina additive chlorella vulgaris biodiesel effect on coated and uncoated diesel engine
Cold start HC emission reduction using targeted fuel heating
Simulation study of post-combustion CO2 adsorption using adsorbent
Challenges and Strategies to Reduce Oil Dilution for BS6 Diesel Applications
Emission Performance and Durability Validation Methodology for Heavy Commercial Vehicle After-treatment Systems
Study of effect of ethanol blending on Performance & Fuel economy of naturally aspirated gasoline engine and engine hardware optimization potential
IC Engine Dynamic Oil Life Prediction Using Machine Learning Approach
Design methodology to restrict Catalyst theft in Passenger Vehicles.
Assessment of CNG & CBG Composition variation on CO2 emissions, Engine Performance and Durability for a small size PFI Engine
Experimental study of Nano-second high voltage plasma ignition with J-Type Spark Plug in a constant volume combustion chamber
Objective determination of degradation of Lambda sensor using orthogonal least square method


[accordion-item title="Hybrid & Electric Vehicles"]

Ride mode development from motor characteristics and riding data collection
Electrochemical & Equivalent Circuit Modelling and Validation of Lithium-Ion Battery Cell in GT-AutoLion
Influence of Rotor Geometry on the Circulating Currents of a Delta Connected Electrical Machine
Electrical and Geometrical Approaches to Suppress the Noise and Vibrations (NVH) in Electric Machines
A Low Cost Self-Driven Electric Three Wheeler with Foldable Ramp for Physically Challenged Persons
Design and Development of Low-cost Electric Microcar for Urban Commute
Machine learning approaches for Lithium-ion battery health parameters estimation
State of charge estimation of Li ion battery using Extended Kalman filter and combined model.
Simulation driven solution to coolant filling strategy in an electric truck
Unified Thermal System simulations of an Electric Truck
Thermal Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Pack with Different Cooling Media
Influence of fins orientation, mounting direction and outer casing design on thermal behavior of the motor of small mobility vehicles
Evolution of India EV Ecosystem
Optimal Control Strategy using Cloud for a Parallel Topology Based HEV to Minimize Energy Consumption
Thermal and Loss analysis of DAB converter for Electric Vehicle application


[accordion-item title="Manufacturing, Materials and Lightweight Solutions"]

Investigation on formability of tailored AA7075 thin sheets by friction stir processes
Hole Expansion Characteristics of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) grades and their Effects on Manufacturability in Automotive Industry.
Role of Thermo-mechanical treatment on Creep Deformation Behavior of Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steel
Effect of Normalizing Heat Treatment on Material and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steel Tube for Lift axle of Commercial Vehicles
Investigations on advanced joining method for Inconel 718 and SS304 dissimilar joints
Machinability Studies on Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composite for Automotive Applications
Development of Regression models for laser beam welding of Inconel 718 alloy thin sheets
Accurate Material Modeling and Analysis of Fiber-Filled Thermoplastics to enable Light weighting in Automotive Applications
Development of Prediction Models for spark erosion machining of SS304 using Regression Analysis
Study of Strain Ratio Effects on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Dual Phase (DP) Steel
Effect of solutionising on change in phase morphology, mechanical behavior & corrosion behavior for AZ series as cast automotive magnesium alloy components


[accordion-item title="Simulation and Testing"]

An Automated Procedure for Implementing Steer Input During Ditch Rollover CAE Simulation
Experimental testing of spray characteristics of swirler injector without vane in Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine
Mixed Reality (MR) based remote assistance for disposition of aircraft manufacturing Non-conformance (NC) during Covid or Post Covid work Environment
Predictive Maintenance of Automotive Component Using Digital Twin Model
Two wheeler suspension tuning with extended half car model
CFD Simulation of Gaseous Fuel Combustion in Constant Volume Combustion Chamber using Multi-point Laser Ignition
Model-based Hardware-in- the Loop Testing of Battery Management System
Simulation-based approach for DPF calibration to reduce overall development time with improved accuracy and quality
Digital simulation of Welding process to optimize Residual Stresses and Microstructure of Welded Suspension Component
Thermal Management of a Windshield Mounted Intelligent Forward View Camera
CAE Method of Generating Composite Unique Fiber Path (CUFP)
Hardware in Loop Testing of ECUs for automotive transients in EVs
Plenum Performance Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Using Machine Learning and Meta-Heuristic Optimization
Virtual validation of gear shifting lever assembly by impact simulation and correlation with testing
Data driven Simulation of telemetry signals of a car using Machine Learning
Failure simulation and CAE-testing loop strategy for load case derivation for cable-mounting clamp
Material Characterization of Strain Rate Dependent Elastomers using Simplified Rubber Material Model in LS-DYNA
To Investigate the failure in sensor assembly due to temperature variational loading, and to provide optimum material solution to avert this failure.
Design Improvement Of Engine Mounts in Commercial Vehicles
Advance Cabin Simulation in 1D CAE to Predict Occupants Nose Level Air Temperature
Aircraft systems qualification test definition by structural analysis techniques
Knowledge based integrated parametric product design
Analysis of Hollow Hyper-elastic gasket filled with Air using Fluid Cavity Approach
Effect of Initial Assembly Gaps on Thread Strip and Fatigue Assessment of Bolted Joint
Improved Headlamp Fracture Modeling for Crash Sensing through Component level development
Cold Spray Repair Process Optimization Through Development of Particle Impact Velocity Prediction Methodology
Modeling and Simulation of a Fighter Aircraft Cabin Pressure Control System Using AMESim
Valve-Train dynamics calculation, model simulation and actual testing for friction reduction to improve FE
Methodology to improve Engine Valve Tip Durability for Type-II Valve-train
A cost-effective approach to attain near-vehicle conditions in coolant circuit of engine test bench.
CAE approach to reduce engine mount rumble noise
CAE approach for radiator bush dynamic simulation
Telematics Smart Testing and Validation Tool
An Improved Finite Control Set – Model Predictive Control algorithm for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Control Applications
Experimental Approach for the Knocking Noise Source Identification & its Suppression through Lubrication Regime Optimization in Crank-Train of an IC Engine
Mitigation of abnormal injector ticking noise by optimization of hydraulic operational modes of fuel system
Methodology to decide overall drive performance index of passenger vehicles
Machine Learning based Instrument Cluster inspection using Camera
Thermal Propagation of Li-Ion batteries: a simulation methodology for enhanced and accelerated virtual development


[accordion-item title="Standards, Policies & Regulations"]

An Analysis of Automotive Industry Standards for Electric Power Train Vehicles
Exigency of Standardization for Annotation Format in Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) Feature Development
High Voltage Safety considerations in Indian EVs


[accordion-item title="Vehicle Dynamics, Active Safety"]

Characterization of Automotive Seat NVH Performance
Methodology to Optimize Radiator Fan Induced Steering Wheel Vibration of a Car
A new design employing eddy-current braking for automotive application
Motorcycle Crash Severity Estimation for Effective Emergency Response
Comfort Backup Assist Function
Reduction of Vibration & Noise in Permanent Magnet Motor
Noise investigation and mitigation of Mechatronics Brake control Unit
Optimization of Kalman Filter on accelerometer data for Automotive Safety Applications
Online NVH Data Pattern Analysis through Telematics
Development of Lane Departure Warning System and SiL Testing for AV Systems in India
A Virtual Environment for an early development and validation of next generation Digital Vehicle Entry Functions
Traffic Object detection and Distance estimation using YOLOV3
GPS Coordinates based Route Recognition and Predictive Functions
Thermal Alarm Handling in Safety Critical Electronic Control Units for Automated Vehicle using AI and Machine Learning
Software Reliability Modelling and Application in Software Development Life Cycle




Mr. Mahesh Babu

Patron - SIIMC 2022

Mr.Guruprasad Mudlapur

Chair - Steering committee

Mrs.Rashmi Urdhwareshe


Mr.C.V. Raman

Sr.Vice President-SAEINDIA

Mr.Damodaran Subramanian

Member - Steering committee

Dr. Arunkumar Sampath

Member - Steering committee

Mr. Deepak Sawkar

Member - Steering committee

Mr. Murli Iyer

Executive Global Advisor – SAE

Mr. Velusamy R

Member - Steering committee

Mr. Dinesh Tyagi

Member - Steering committee

Mr. S Ramanathan

Member - Steering committee

Dr. Reji Mathai

Member - Steering committee

Mr. Anurag Garg

Member - Steering committee

Dr. Saravanan N

Member - Steering committee

Mr. N. Balasubramanian

Member - Steering committee

Ms. Latha Chembrakalam

Member - Steering committee


Mr.Munirathinam Dhananjayan

Chair - Organising Committee

Dr. K.C. Vora

Mentor – Technical Committee

Dr. Manish Jaiswal

Chair - Technical committee

Mr. Vijai Gopalakrishnan

Co Chair - Technical committee

Mr. Vijayalayan R

Co Chair - Technical committee

Mr. Alok Jaitley

Chair - Ind. INF committee

Mr. Umesh Nayaka

Co Chair-Ind. Interface committee

Ms. Anita Pansare

Co Chair -Ind Interface committee

Mr. Girish Ramaswamy

Chair - Event Mgt. committee

Mr. Yogesh Nagendiran

Co Chair-Event Mgt committee

Mr. Prasad M.P.

Chair - Media Committee

Ms. Deepa Sasidharan

Co Chair - Media committee

Mr. Deepak Joshi

Chair - Exposition committee

Mr. Deevakar.K

Co Chair - Exposition committee

Prof. Suresh Nagesh

Chair - Academia Interface

Mr. K.P. Murthy

Co Chair-Academia Interface

Mr. Rakesh Bidre

Chair - Finance committee

Mr. Pradeep C

Chair - TechHive Committee
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1 Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park
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Technology presentation

Provide a genuine platform/stage in the form of 10th SIIMC 2022 for the upcoming and present start-ups in the mobility ecosystem to present and showcase their technology and services to potential investors and the key stakeholders in the Industry and its leaders for achieving a smart and sustainable world.

Marketplace EXPO

Build an opportunity to network with the major organizations and stake holders for brand visibility and better engagement with Industry pioneers and stalwarts to get up and running in the mobility domain!

OCT 12 - 14, 2022


why should Startups join?

What are the advantages of joining me, you might wonder..

Ideal opportunity to present an innovation or technology

Display your product(s), give a demo to the investors & delegates, and put on a show!

An exclusively dedicated space for you to chat, network, and break a deal!

Hand out your product/services flyers and brochures to the attendees

New Customer Generation

Higher Contact Quality

Differentiate yourself from the rest

Bring your key team members

Increase your brand image and awareness

why should Investor join?

scout promising startups

Startups from around the country will present and showcase their technology to the participants of SIIMC 2022.

connect with industry leaders

Leaders and CXOs from the global Automotive industry will be present at SIIMC 2022 over the span of 3 days, which is a great opportunity to network and expand!

time to invest!

The best startups will be there waiting to impress the potential investors and audience at SIIMC 2022. Why shouldn't it be YOU?

Eager to JOIN?

Send us your demo proposal of 3 pages in double-column format (PDF) addressing:

Who is your target user?

Why does your system exist and why is it important?

What does your demonstration do and how does it work?

What does it look like?

How does it compare with existing systems?

Finally, how and when might your technology have an impact, either technically or commercially?


On being selected for TechHive, you will have to pay a registration fee of Rs. 20,000/- inclusive of taxes.

Fee Includes:

3 delegate passes for all the 3 conference days (Pass includes Delegate kit, Lunch for 3 days, Access pass for Gala Dinner)

Dedicated Roundtable for product display and B2B discussion

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