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What are the steps to log in into SAE International web site?
Kindly go through the following steps to login.
  • Now you are in our home page in our website www.saeindia.org.
  • In this Home page of SAEINDIA, you will notice on the right hand top corner the logo of SAE International.
  • Click this logo and get into their website. Alternatively straight away go to their website www.sae.org.
  • Here on topside, you will notice “Login / MySAE
  • Click this and you will be asked to give your User ID and password.
  • Use your user ID and your password and submit.
  • You will be welcomed in My SAE
  • On left hand top corner, you have “search. With various options underneath.
  • Then proceed with instructions given

We hope that with this, you will be able to access what you want.