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About AEROTHON 2022


Theme: Uninhabited Aircraft System (UAS) - Design, Build and Fly Contest

Indian government is on the mission to turn the country into a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) / Drone hub by 2030 under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan by accelerating the pace of development of India’s Unmanned Aircraft / Drone industry. India’s UAS market could grow to INR 500 billion (US$6.8 billion) in the next five years.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) are used across many industries like defense, construction, infrastructure, mining, telecom, geospatial mapping, agriculture/farming, media & entertainment, law enforcement, oil and gas for surveillance, security, safety, disaster management, land survey, progress and condition monitoring through aerial photography and thermal imaging. More widespread consumer market applications will soon become realistic, keeping pace with progress in tech innovation and reduced costs. Some of these include drone-facilitated last mile delivery for the retail, healthcare and logistics sectors.

SAEINDIA Aerospace Forum is organizing AeroTHON 2022 competition for students with primary focus on developing design, build and piloting skills of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to prepare them industry ready for the emerging market. As part of AeroTHON 2022, students undertake a full design and build cycle of an unmanned aerial vehicle meeting specific mission requirements, culminating in a final fly-off event.


The objective of this year’s competition is to design, build and fly a UAV to meet a specific mission requirement.

To inculcate innovation mindset among the student community in emerging technologies like Uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAV).

Incubate and nurture skills and capabilities of aero design in young minds and prepare them towards Atmanirbhar Bharat in critical aerospace technologies.

To help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.

To help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Program will be conducted in 2 phases: Phase 1- Design Round, and Phase 2 - Final Round including Flight Test.

AeroTHON 2022 Launch

Feb 2022


June 2022

Location for Phase 1 Student Presentation

Government Tool Room & Training Centre​
Rajajinagar Industrial Estate,
Bangalore – 560 010.


NOV 2022


  • Team can comprise minimum 5 students and maximum 10 students from multiple engineering disciplines with 1 faculty advisor.
  • Students have to be members of SAEINDIA. Faculty advisors are advised to become members of SAEINDIA, though it’s not mandatory. Visit: to sign up for SAEINDIA membership.
  • Registration fee : Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST
  • Registration for AEROTHON 2022 opens 23rd February 2022 at 6 pm.
  • For any feedback or related queries, please email us at

Prize Category

Prize Value

1st Prize

Rs. 100,000

2nd Prize

Rs. 75,000

3rd Prize

Rs. 50,000

4 Special Awards each of Rs. 25,000



Key Event Dates
Registration opened for AeroTHON 2022 28th Feb 2022
Rule Book Release 15th Mar 2022
Registration close 7th April 2022
Phase -1: Design report submission by students 11th June 2022
Phase 1: Presentation submission 22nd June 2022
Students present design to Judges (industry and academic experts) 25th June 2022
Judges (industry and academic experts) review reports & finalize scores 26th – 29th June 2022
Announce winners of Phase -1 during AeroCON 2022 30th June 2022
Phase 2: Physical prototype build  1st July 2022 – 17th Nov 2022
Phase 2: Physical prototype inspection 18th Nov 2022
Phase 2: Flying competition 18th &19th Nov 2022
Awards Ceremony 19th Nov 2022



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Mr.Ravishankar Mysore
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OC - Co Convener
Dr. Manish Jaiswal.J
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Prof. C.S. Karunakaran
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Dr. Ravi Kumar G.V.V
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Dr. Manish Jaiswal
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TC - Member
Industry and Academia interface committee - Convener
Mr. Pullaiah Dussa
Industry and Academia interface committee - Co-Convener
Mr. Gnaneshwara N
Industry and Academia interface committee - Member
Mr. Vijay Manikumar Yaragalla
Industry and Academia interface committee - Member
Mr. Dipak Balaso Ranaware
Industry and Academia interface committee - Member
Mr. Satish Sastry
Finance Committee- Convener
Mr. Sandeep Birje
Event Management Committee - Convener
Mr. Vinay Roy
Marketing & Communication Committee- Convener
Mr. Yogesh Sathe
Awards & Recognition Committee - Convener

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