AeroCON 2022

2nd Edition of International Aerospace Conference in India



AeroCON is a prestigious biennial International Aerospace Conference organized by SAEINDIA in collaboration with SAE International. The International Aerospace Conference: AeroCON 2022 is planned to be held in Bengaluru, India on 2 & 3 June, 2022. The theme of AeroCON 2022 is autonomous airborne systems focusing on various research trends, challenges, and opportunities. It is a knowledge-sharing platform on autonomous airborne systems bringing together the best of industry, academia and research to lay the roadmap for the future of Aerospace & Defence. The increase in demand for large aircraft from Indian airline carriers is leading to focus on Powered by Hour Contracts (PBH). Many Indian aerospace services and manufacturing activities are expected to be driven by PBH. Similarly, India's defence capital expenditure is continuously growing, providing immense opportunities in defence aerospace. This provides unique opportunity for both start-ups and incumbents. The Indian Aerospace & Defence (A&D) market is projected to reach ~USD 70 billion by 2030, driven by the burgeoning demand for advanced infrastructure and government thrust. [Source: IBEF]

Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced control systems will continue to evolve in the next few years and will play an important role in autonomous systems. Autonomous airborne systems are revolutionizing the aviation industry more specifically in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drones. These technologies will continue to evolve and will play an important role improving safety and efficiency of operations in both civil and military aviation. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) defined a pragmatic AI roadmap consisting of 3 levels namely assisting functions (Level 1), human machine collaboration (Level 2) and more autonomy of the machine (Level 3). Can we accelerate the journey of autonomous airborne systems? Do you want to know the current trends, challenges and opportunities for autonomous airborne systems? Come and join us at AeroCON 2022, a unique event providing a global networking opportunity for Aerospace Professionals both from industry and academia besides the reputed National Defence Laboratories.



SAE International is a global association of more than 1,28,000 engineers and related technical experts from over 100 countries representing aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries.

Today, SAE International has a thriving community of members from the Aerospace Industry, and a commanding position in the area of Aerospace Standards with a high percentage of aerospace standards being maintained, managed and disseminated by SAE International. SAE International also organizes various aerospace activities for its members like SAE AeroTech, SAE Aero Design Challenge etc.



SAEINDIA is a premier professional society that serves the mobility Engineering Community engaged in the design, manufacturing and service of self-propelled vehicles and systems that move in land, air, space and sea. It has a glorious track record of 25 years in service to the mobility community. It has 4,000+ professional members and 40,000 student members. SAEINDIA is the largest strategic alliance partner of SAE International.

Topics of special interest


Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality
Autonomous Airbone systems
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Blended/Hybrid wing body designs
Digital Twins / Digital Thread
Electric Mobility
Industry 4.0

Topics of General Interest & Emphasis Areas

(including but not limited to)

Actuation Systems
Additive Manufacturing
Aerodynamics design
Aero Fastening/Assembly & Tooling
Aerospace Systems Engineering
Avionics & Cabin Systems
Composites & Advanced Materials
Engines/ Propulsion
Environmental & Government Regulations
Integrated Vehicle Health Management
Manufacturing - Special Processes & Certification
Modeling & Simulation
Navigation/ Guidance/ Control
Safety/ Reliability/ Security
Structures & Materials
Testing & Validation

Sectors/ Domains

(including but not limited to)

Aeronautics (aircraft, rotorcraft)
Airborne Defense Systems
Aircraft Maintenance/ Repair/Overhaul
Space Systems
Unmanned Aerial Systems - UAVs/ Drones
Urban Air Mobility


AeroCON 2022 Technical agenda




Category Fee
SAEINDIA Member ₹ 4,000
Non-Member  ₹ 6,000
Faculty Member  ₹ 3,000
Student Member  ₹ 1,500

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Discount of 5% for the registration of 5 and above
Discount of 10% for 10 and above
Discount of 15% for 15 and above (irrespective of number)

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Event Venue:

HAL Management Academy,
Sanjay Nagar, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560037



Mr. Hasan Kasim| Email ID: | +91 73387 48893
Ms. Priya. D | Email ID: | +91 73387 48891



Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy
(Dept. of Defence R&D, India)
Patron - AeroCON 2022
Mr. Ahmed Elsherbini
(Boeing India ETC)
Chair - Steering Committee
Mrs. Rashmi Urdhwareshe
Co Chair - Steering Committee
Dr. Bala Bharadvaj
(Former President, SAEINDIA)
Co-Chair - Steering Committee
Dr. Girish S Deodhare
(Aeronautical Development Agency)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Jitendra J Jadhav
(National Aerospace Laboratories)
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Y Srinivasarao
(Naval Science & Tech. Laboratory)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Regu Ayyaswamy
(Tata Consultancy Services)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Ashok Verghese
(Hindustan University)
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Padmanabhan M.K.
(UCAL Technologies)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Sathish Menon
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Niranjan Kalyandurg
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Ravi Rajamani
(Univ. of Connecticut)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Gopikrishnan Konnanathi
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Shyam Karigiri
(Moog India Technology Center)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Ravikiran.P
(Dassault Systemes)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Sridhar Dharmarajan
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Omkar
(IISc, Bengaluru)
Member - Steering Committee
Dr. Sameer Prabhu
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Uma Maheshwar D
(GE Aviation)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Abhishek Sinha
(L&T Technology Services)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Lalan Singh
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Shaju George
(HCL Technologies)
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Savyasachi Srinivas
(Collins Aerospace)
Member - Steering Committee
Air Cmde (Retd.) Mr. R Subbarao
Member - Steering Committee
Mr. Sandeep Kumar K S
(Safran Engineering Services)
Member - Steering Committee


Mr. Ravishankar Mysore
(Chair, SAEINDIA Aerospace Forum)
Chair - Organising Committee
Dr. Ravikumar G.V.V
Co Chair-Organising Committee
Mr. Damodaran Subramanian
(Former MD, Safran Engineering Services)
Chair, SAEINDIA BLR Section
Mr. Vasanth Kini
(Titanium Industries)
Chair – Ind. INF Committee
Mr. Javaji Munirathnam
(Javaji M Consulting)
Co Chair, Ind. INF Committee
Mr. Satish Sastry
(Collins Aerospace)
Chair - Finance Committee
Mr. Yogesh Sathe
(Eaton IIC)
Co Chair - Finance Committee
Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman
Chair - Technical Committee
Prof. Hemendra Arya
(Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)
Co Chair - Technical Committee
Mr. Sathish Thokala
Chair-Tech. Publi. Committee
Dr. Dinesh Manoharan
(UCAL Technologies)
Co Chair, Tech. Publi. Committee
Mr. Shripathi V
Chair-Academia INF Committee
Prof. Karunakaran C.S
(Mahaguru Institute of Technology)
Co Chair-Academia INF Committee
Mr. Krupal Aerpula
(Boeing India)
Chair-Event Mgmt Committee
Dr. Ganga Reddy
(HCL Technologies)
Co-Chair - Event Mgmt Committee
Mr. Vinay Roy
(Moog India Technology Center)
Chair-Marketing & Communication Committee
Mr. Sandeep M Birje
Co Chair-Marketing & Communication Committee
Mr. Pullaiah Dussa
Chair, Awards & Recog. Committee
Mrs. Jeba Margret Annam
(Boeing India)
Co Chair, Awards & Recog. Committee




Event Venue:

HAL Management Academy,
Sanjay Nagar, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560037



Mr. Hasan Kasim| Email ID: | +91 73387 48893
Ms. Priya. D | Email ID: | +91 73387 48891

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