Two wheeler Conference 2018


India has become the largest manufacturer of 2 Wheelers in the world during 2016-17 beating China to the second place. A New Era in terms of regulations —safety and stringent norms of BS-VI in 2020 has posed a serious challenge to the industry.

Indian 2 Wheeler industry is not caught unawares and has been steadily preparing to face the challenge by offering game-changing products climbing up the technology curve.

The concept of electric mobility has begun in right earnest where new start- ups are pushing the barriers and testing their products with the whole ecosystem (including vendors and dealers) gearing up to support the industry.

Indian 2 Wheeler OEMs like Hera Motocorp, Mahindra 2 Wheeler, Bajaj Auta, TVS motors, Yamaha Royal Enfield, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters have set their sights high and are constantly strengthening their R&D and introducing innovative features in emission control, ABS, Active

and hybrid / electric models to cope with the emerging challenges.


ITEC-2019 : Topics:
1 Power Electronics, Electric Drive Train and Controls
2 Battery, Battery Management Systems and Fuel Cells for EVs
3 EV Architectures for Pure Electric, Hybrid Electric and Electric Range Extenders
4 EV Charging Infrastructure, Smart Charging Solutions & Apps, Smart Grid, V2Gand Renewable Integration
5 Standards, Policies, and Regulations for Transportation Electrification; Emission Issues
6 Electrification of Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Vehicles; Sea, Air and Space Vehicles,
7 Smart Materials for EVs, Structural Design and Thermal Management;
8 Components Optimization and Packaging Integration; Structural/Thermal CFD
9 Challenges to meet Electrification Vision 2030; India Specific EV Solutions
10 Smart and Sustainable e-Transportation Ecosystem/Smart cities; Challenges and Solutions
11 Connected and Autonomous EVs; Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Data Analytics
12 EV for Fleet - Fleet Management Systems, Route Characterization and Trip Planning
13 EV Deployment Experiences, Battery Second Life and Recycling


Panel Discussion:

Panel discussions with eminent personalities from Automotive Manufacturing, R&D Institutions, Government and Academia are planned.

Short Courses and Tutorials:

Pre-conference tutorials on topics aligned to the theme of the conference.
Details of Pre-Conference tutorials will be announced at a later date.

Special Presentation (SP) only Sessions

Authors who would like to present their work but do not wish to contribute a full paper can submit a 1-page digest for "Special Presentation (SP) only Sessions." A regular paper is not needed. If accepted, speakers could make a presentation at the conference. Such presentations and digests will not appear on IEEE Xplore


The conference will feature an industry exhibition focused on Electric Vehicles, components, subsystems and systems for all types of electric transportation systems (land, air, space, and sea).

EV - Display, Ride and Drive

Display of select EV with Ride and Drive opportunities.

ITEC 2019-Achievements


Pre-Conference Workshop

Accelerating Electric Vehicle development through Simulation

Electrification is revolutionizing products and processes in every industry. In automotive, leading car manufacturers are heavily investing in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. In A&D, electric aircraft initiatives are fueling the development of electric propulsion systems that reduce noise, emissions, weight and fuel burn.

Harnessing the promise of electrification requires rethinking traditional product design approaches. Developing high-performing, energy-efficient products with the addition of electrified systems/components introduces a new degree of engineering complexity, as well as brand-new design considerations. Engineering simulation accelerates time to market and helps companies pivot their engineering practices to meet the demands of new electrified products and systems.

ANSYS simulation solutions for electrification cover every aspect of development, including:

  • Power electronics - structural integrity/reliability, thermal management, etc.
  • Electric machines - noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), electromagnetics design, material used, etc.
  • Batteries and fuel cells - battery design, thermal management and battery management system from cell to system level, etc.
  • System integration and embedded software - Multiphysics and system design and analysis of integrated components, control software, functional safety analysis, etc.
Date: 18th December 2019
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Hall Poinsettia, ITEC India 2019, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel
Customer story:

ANSYS Multiphysics simulation platform helps Lucid to address customer needs, solve engineering problems, optimize subsystems and components, meet regulatory requirements, and bring a world-class vehicle to market.

16X Speedup in Ansys Maxwell DSO on 32-Core High Performance Compute Farm Doubles Traction Motor Design Productivity at General Motors

Who should attend?
  • CAE Engineers
  • CAE Analysts
  • Design Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Project Leaders / Project Managers
Time Title
2:00pm-2:30pm Overview of Electrified powertrains and Indian Perspective
2:30pm-3:15 pm Understanding Lithium ion battery: an OEM perspective
3:15pm-4:00pm Battery integration and Optimization challenges: Role of Simulation
4:00pm-4:30pm Tea Break
4:30pm-5:15pm Electric machine fundamentals and need of traction applications
5:15pm-6:00pm Simulation driven design workflow for Traction motors

Organizing Committee

Steering Committee:


Member Name Affiliation Position in the Committee
1 Dr. Pawan Goenka Mahindra Patron
2 Mr. Mahesh Babu Mahindra Electric Chair
3 Dr. Bala Bharadvaj Boeing Co-Chair
4 Mrs. Rashmi Urdhwareshe ARAI Co-Chair
5 Mr. Kamal Bali Volvo Member
6 Mr. Vijay Rathnapakhe Bosch Member
7 Mr. C.V.Raman MSIL Member
8 Dr. Arunkumar Sampath Mahindra Electric Member
9 Mr. Prashanth Doreswamy Continental Member
10 Dr. Georges Zissis IEEE Member
11 Dr. Tomy Sebastian IEEE Member
12 Mr. Jan-Oliver Roehrl Bosch Member
13 Mr. Shailesh Chandra TATA Motors Member
14 Mr. Vikram Gulati Toyota Member
16 Dr. Tapan Sahoo MSIL Member
17 Mr. Mahesh Hariharan Baghirathi Member
18 Mr.Greg Moran Zoomcar Member
19 Mr. Aswin Mahesh Lithium Member


Organizing Committee: 
Sl.No Member Name Title Organization
1 Mr. Girish Ramaswamy Emitech Emission Controls Pvt Ltd Chair
2 Mr. A A Deshpande ARAI Industry Interface Committee, Chair
3 Mr. P. K. Banerjee SIAM Industry Interface Committee, Co-Chair
4 Mr. N. S. Rao Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Industry Interface Committee, Co-Chair
5 Dr. Akshay K. Rathore Concordia University, Montreal Technical Committee, Chair
6 Dr. Allabaksh Naikodi Mahindra Electric Technical Committee, Co-Chair
7 Mr. Sri Hari GM TCI Technical Committee, Co-Chair
8 Mr. Rakesh Bidre GM TCI Finance Committee, Chair
9 Mr. Anubhav Singla MSIL Finance Committee, Co- Chair
10 Mr. Dattatreya Gaur Bosch Exposition Committee, Chair
11 Mrs. Pamela Tikku ICAT Exposition Committee, Co-Chair
12 Mrs. Deepa Sasidharan Continental Automotive Media/Communications Committee, Chair
13 Mr. Prasad M P Agnito Media/Communications Committee, Co-Chair
14 Prof. Ananya Deb IISc, Bengaluru Academia Interface Committee, Chair
15 Prof. Suryanarayana Doolla IIT, Bombay Academia Interface Committee, Co-Chair


Technical Papers

Technical Papers:

Paper Title Author Names
Selection of Hose Connector Based on Flow Rate and Pressure Drop for Battery Cooling System in Electric Vehicle Koustubh Limaye (Tata Technologies Limited)*; Vishwanatha Rao (Tata Technolgies Limited)
Battery thermal management comparison for orthogonal arrangement of battery modules in an EV battery pack SAGAR DUSAD (MAHINDRA ELECTRIC MOBILITY LTD)*; Khan Ghazanfar (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Chandrasekaran N (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited ); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Methodology development to study the effect of solar load on an electric vehicle battery pack Pranesh Dewangan (Mahindra electric)*; Chandrasekaran N ( Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra electric)
Dependency of gear mesh efficiency on tooth parameters Yogesh Dewangan (General Motors Technical Center India)*; Venu Ganti (General Motors)
Design synthesis study on air cooling feasibility of power electronic components of an electric vehicle using full vehicle CFD simulations Bharadwaj BS (Mahindra Electrcic Mobility Ltd)*; Nachiket Dighe (Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd); Chandrasekaran N (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited )
Study of Sommerfeld Effect in Electric Drive Units Pranoy Nair (General Motors Technical Centre)*
INFLUENCE OF CARRIER GEOMETRY AND KINEMATIC CONNECTIONS ON PLANETARY GEAR MESH BEHAVIOR Saurabh Arvariya (General Motors Technical center India)*; Venu Ganti (General Motors); Benson Thomas (General Motors Technical center India)
A Design Methodology of New Connecting rod assembly using Analytical and Finite Element Analysis Approach Ajay Nain (Tafe Motors and Tractor ltd)*
STRUCTURAL TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZATION OF PARK SYSTEM Digvijay Yadav (General Motors Tech center India)*; Sunil Kumar (General Motors Tech center India); Binu Jose (General Motors North America); Carlos Marin (General Motors North America)
Recollection and Recycling of Automotive Lithium Ion Batteries in India Sankar Bonu (Bosch Ltd); Dibya Swarup Panigrahi (Bosch Ltd)*
ENHANCED METHODOLOGY FOR FLAWED AND E WASTE BATTERIES Prathiba R (General Motors Technical Center India Pvt Ltd, India)*
Handling of the End of Life Electric Vehicle Batteries for Stationary Storage Applications Sivarajakumar Maharajan (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Suman Basu (Mahindra electric); Malay Jana (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
An Optimal Charging Station Mapping Strategy for Electric Vehicles Incorporating User Constraints by Fleet Tracking Teena Joseph (student)*
Significance of Driving Cycle on Performance Parameters and Range in Small Electric Vehicle Vignesh S (VIT); Yogesh Krishan Bhateshvar (ARAI Academy)*; Mohammad Rafiq B. Agrewale (ARAI Academy); Kamal Vora (Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI))
Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in Engine Management Systems for Gen Next mobility Rohith Kamath (Continental Automotive)*; Vivek Venkobarao (Continental Automotive); CK Subramaniam (Vellore Institute of Technology)
Collaboration of Automotive, Connected Solutions and Energy Technologies for sustainable Public Transportation for Indian Cities ANIL KALE (CUMMINS INDIA)*
The way forward for e mobility in India Prasanjita DASH (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited )*; Prasanta Behera (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Charging The Future - Challenges and Solutions for Adoption of Electric Mobility in India by 2030 JAYADHARASHINI N V (VISTEON CORPORATION)*
Visualizing the complex demand and supply dynamics of critical battery materials—a key enabler for realizing the Electric Mobility Vision 2030 BHANU PRATAP (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)*; Krishna Mohan T V (Indian Institute of Technology Madras); Amit R K (IIT Madras); SHANKAR VENUGOPAL. (MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA)
Vision 2030: Creating a Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem in India Aditya Ramji (Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.)*; SHANKAR VENUGOPAL. (MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA)
Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System for Indian Climatic Condition Tarun Rana (PRANAV VIKAS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED)*
Smart Charging Strategy for Li-ion Battery Pack of an Electric Vehicle Shrivatsal Sharma (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Chandrasekaran N (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited )*; Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
MICRO-GEOMETRY OPTIMIZATION OF SPUR GEAR FOR ELECTRIC AND HYBRID VEHICLE APPLICATIONS Akash Pavan (Government College of Technology)*; Periysamy S (Government College of Technology, Coimbatore); Vikram Karthik (Government College of Technology, Coimbatore); Gopal Krishna (Government College of Technology, Coimbatore)
ACTIVE CONTROL USING SMART MATERIALS FOR 2-WHEELER HANDLE BAR VIBRATION Shivam Setia (The Automotive Research Association of India)*; Virendra Kuwar (The Automotive Research Association of India); Prashant Pawar (Automotive Research Association of India,Pune ); Medha Jambhale (The Automotive Research Association of India); Mangesh Saraf (ARAI)
Impact of Harmonic Road Disturbances on Active Magnetic Bearing Supported Flywheel Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles Tukesh Soni (Panjab University, Chandigarh)*; Dr. Ranjana Sodhi (IIT Ropar)
Mathematical Modelling of Active Vibration Control on 2-Wheeler Handle Bar by using Smart Material VIVEK NAGOSE (College of Engineering Pune collaborated with ARAI Academy)*
Experimental NVH Studies on Electric Powered and IC Engine Powered Passenger Vehicles – A Comparative Study for NVH Target Setting RANGA SRINIVAS GUNTI (Mahindra Research Valley)*; MURALI BODLA (hertztechsolutions); SHANKAR VENUGOPAL. (MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA)
Parametric Evaluation of Ride Comfort and Traction Stability of Hub Motor Driven Electric Trucks Suganthan Suriyamoorthy (IIT Madras); Sidhanth Gupta (IIT Madras); Deepak Prakash Kumar (IIT Madras); Shankar Subramanian (IIT Madras)*
Design of a Concept Electric Mini Tractor Amitabh Das (ARAI)*; Yash Jain (ARAI); Mohammad Rafiq B. Agrewale (ARAI Academy); Yogesh Krishan Bhateshvar (ARAI Academy); Kamal Vora (Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI))
Charecterization of A Synchronous Reluctance Machine For Mine Shuttle Traction Applications Dr. Lesedi Masisi (University of the Witwatersrand)*
Sizing of Parallel Hybrid Electric Powertrain for Military Tracked Vehicles Vaibhav Randive (IIT Madras); Shankar Subramanian (IIT Madras)*; Asokan Thondiyath (IIT Madras)
Diode Bridge Rectifier with low THD for Weak Grids Sugoto Maulik (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)*; Vinod John (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Design Verification for Adopting Electric Drive Components for Multiple Offhighway Applications Subhabrata Gupta (John Deere India Pvt Ltd)*; Kanishka Bhaskar (John Deere India Pvt Ltd); Niraj Dubey (John Deere India Pvt Ltd); Bhupesh Agrawal (John Deere India Pvt.Ltd)
Design Challenges in Electrification of Off-highway applications Sudip Kandke (John Deere India Pvt. Ltd)*; Jayachandra Malavatu (John Deere India Pvt. Ltd); Subhabrata Gupta (John Deere India Pvt Ltd); Bhupesh Agrawal (John Deere India Pvt.Ltd)
Evaluating Time of Use rates for Electric Vehicle Charging for Distribution Companies in India Chandana Sasidharan (Alliance for an energy efficient economy)*; Bhawna Tyagi (Alliance for an energy efficient economy); Shyamasis Das (Alliance for an energy efficient economy)
Fatigue damage spectrum-based assessment of vibration standards on Battery Pack for EV’s using stress as a response metric Prashant Tripathi (Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd.)*; M Naveen Kumar (Mahindra Electric )
Impact of Varying Test Conditions in Standards for Electric Bus Powertrain Sizing Sidhanth Gupta (IIT Madras); Deepak Prakash Kumar (IIT Madras); Suganthan Suriyamoorthy (IIT Madras); Shankar Subramanian (IIT Madras)*; S. Gowrisankar (BHEL); D. Santhosh Kumar (BHEL); R. Senthil Murugan (BHEL); P. Hema Latha (BHEL)
Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Siting of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in India Chandana Sasidharan (Alliance for an energy efficient economy)*; Dhanesh Chandra (Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM L)); Shyamasis Das (Alliance for an energy efficient economy)
Design & Development of On Board DC Fast Chargers for E-Rickshaw Abhinandan Dixit (Concordia University)*; Karan Pande (Concordia University); Akshay Kumar Rathore (Concordia); Rajeev Kumar Singh (IIT(BHU) Varanasi); Santanu Mishra (Indian Institute of technology Kanpur)
An Auxiliary Circuit Based Isolated Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Modified PWM in Vehicular Applications Manaswi Srivastava (MNIT Jaipur)*; Dr. Arun Verma (MNIT Jaipur); Pavan Tomar (MNIT Jaipur)
Energy Management Strategy for Grid Connected Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station Ahteshamul Haque (Electrical Engineering Department Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi India)*; Varaha Satya Bharath Kurukuru (Jamia Millia Islamia); Mohammed Khan (Jamia Millia Islamia)
Virtual Synchronous Machine based Electric Vehicle charger for meeting Ancillary Services Prateek Utkarsha (IIT (BHU), Varansi); Swami Naidu N K (IIT BHU)*
SMART LOCKED LITHIUM ION BATTERIES FOR THREE WHEELED ELECTRIC VEHICLE Shubham Bansal (Maharaja agrasen institute of technology)*; Devanshu Grover (Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology); ishan . (MAHARAJA AGRASEN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY); rakesh saini (maharaja agrasen institute of technology)
Enabling Seamless Integration of EV Charging Infrastructure with Weak Electric Grids Manish Mohanpurkar (Idaho National Laboratory); Ram Krishan (The Energy and Resources Institute); Mayank Panwar (Idaho National Laboratory)*; Shashank Vyas (The Energy and Resources Institute); Lee Slezak (Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy); Neshwin Rodrigues (The Energy and Resources Institute); Alekhya Datta (The Energy and Resources Institute); Andrew Meintz (National Renewable Energy Organization); Rob Hovsapian ( National Renewable Energy Organization )
A Novel Virtual Inertia Implementation Scheme using Model Predictive Control for Enhancing the Voltage Stiffness of a Grid-Tied DC Microgrid Gopakumar Melath (IIT Bombay)*; Vivek Agarwal ("Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay")
Design and Development of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer System for Hybrid Power Source Based EV with Unique SC Cell Voltage Balancing Circuit Phaneendra Bobba (GOKARAJU RANGARAJU INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY)*; Prashnth Singh BT (GRIET); satyavani Y (GRIET)
Augmentation of Power Transfer Level in LCL Architecture Based IPT System Under Misalignment of Pickup Coil SOORAJ V (Vellore Institute of Technology)*; Febin Daya J L (VIT University Chennai Campus)
Analysis and Design of a New Single-Phase Bridgeless Cuk-based PFC Converter as On-Board Charger with Reduced Number of Components and Losses Sivanagaraju Gangavarapu (Concordia University)*; Akshay Kumar Rathore (Concordia); Santanu Mishra (Indian Institute of technology Kanpur); Rajeev Kumar Singh (IIT(BHU) Varanasi)
Dynamic Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles based on Ultra capacitor Integrated Magnetic Resonance Coupling Arjun R Nair (COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM)*; Blessen MC (COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM); Edwin PJ (COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM); George Mathew (COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM); Rajeev T (COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM)
Mathematical Modeling of Split Phase Machine based Integrated Battery Charger Vidya V (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology); Sudharshan Kaarthik (IIST)*
Review of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location Planning Akhil Raj Kizhakkan (Concordia University)*
Electric Vehicle Charging Topologies and Schemes for Smart City Applications Sanjeev Nayak (L&T Technology Services, Bangalore )*
A Hardware-In-Loop Platform for Three-Phase Grid-Tied PV Fed Multilevel Converter SHIVAM KUMAR YADAV (IIT DELHI)*; NIDHI MISHRA (IIT DELHI); Bhim Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); Ambrish Chandra (École de Technologie Supérieure ); Kamal Al-Haddad (École de technologie supérieure)
Electric Road System with Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Buses Bhagyashree Balde (Central University of Karnataka)*; Arghya Sardar (Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC))
DC–DC Converter with Reduced Circulating Current in On-board Battery Chargers for Electric Transportation Jaya Sai Praneeth A V (UNIVERSITY OF ONTARIO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)*; NAVEEN YALLA (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY- ROORKEE); Sheldon Williamson (UOIT, CANADA)
Multi-Point Clamped Converter for Fast Charging Applications in Electric Transportation Naveen Yalla (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)*; Jaya Sai Praneeth A V (UNIVERSITY OF ONTARIO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY); Pramod Agarwal (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee); Vinod Kumar Bussa (IIT(BHU) Varanasi)
Electric Vehicle Charging Topologies and Control Schemes for Smart City Applications Sanjeev Nayak (L&T Technology Services, Bangalore )*
Methodology for Battery Capacity Sizing of Battery Electric Vehicles Koustubh Limaye (Tata Technologies Limited)*; Vishwanatha Rao (Tata Technolgies Limited)
A Modified State of Charge Estimation Method for Li-ion Batteries Mallikarjuna Sandrabyna (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Shrivatsal Sharma (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Design and analysis of a Battery System for a Light Weight Sports Car Kaushik Illa (siemens)*; Robert Spotnitz (Battery Design LLC); Nicholas Romain (Siemens); Warren Seeley (Siemens)
Coolant fill, bubble entrapment & purge during service fill in a liquid cooled HV Battery pack Anandakrishnan S (General Motors Technical Centre India)*; Chih-Cheng Hsu (General Motors Technical Centre Warren)
Wireless Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles Pallavi Bansal (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Nagaraj PR (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
System Level Simulation Technique for Optimizing Battery Thermal Management System of an Electric Vehicle Vipin Venugopal (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Chandrasekaran N (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited ); Shrivatsal Sharma (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Electro-Thermal Mapping of LFP Cells for Designing EV Battery Packs SUBHRA GOPE (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Malay Jana (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Air jet impingement cooling technique for battery thermal management system Ghazanfar Khan (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Chandrasekaran N ( Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra electric)
A Method to Diagnose Failures in High Voltage Contactors and Fuse for Safe Operation of Battery Pack Chiranjeevi Gera (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Shrivatsal Sharma (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
A modified equivalent circuit model to capture low temperature effects in Li ion batteries Deya Das (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Shrivatsal Sharma (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Malay Jana (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
An electrochemical simulation study of temperature dependent diffusivity on discharge characteristics of NMC cell Deya Das (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Malay Jana (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Integrated battery module with CMU (Cell Monitoring Unit) for EVs Amit Kumar (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Mita Aher (Mahindra Eelctric Mobility Limited)
A Multi-Active-Half-Bridge Converter based Soft-switched Fast Voltage Equalizer for Multi-cell to Multi-cell Charge Transfer Shimul Dam (Indian Institute of Science)*; Vinod John (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Multi-Step Constant Current Charging Strategy for a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery Sandhya Lavety (VNIT Nagpur); Ritesh Kesari (VNIT Nagpur, India)*; Madhuri Chaudhari (VNIT)
Battery Module Performance Analysis under Varying Interconnection Topology for Electric Vehicles Asadullah Khalid (Florida International University); Arif Sarwat (Florida International University)*
A Bridgeless Isolated Half Bridge Converter Based EV Charger with Power Factor Pre-regulation radha kushwaha (IIT Delhi)*; Bhim Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
Effect of Cell Parameters on the State of Charge Estimation-An Electrochemical Simulation Study SUBHRA GOPE (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Malay Jana (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Suman Basu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Impedance Analysis and Equivalent Circuit Modelling of Cells subjected to Sinusoidal Vibration Test using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Ajeet Babu Parasumanna (Automotive Research Association of India)*; Vikas Chaturvedi (CSIR-NCL); Manjusha Shelke (CSIR-NCL); Ojas Bangal (ARAI)
Review and selection of advanced battery technologies for post 2020 era electric vehicles Loganathan MK (Chang Gung University)*; Cher Ming Tan (Chang Gung University); Bikash Mishra (Kaziranga University); Titus A.M Msagati (UNISA); Lukas W. Snyman (UNISA)
Functional Safety Development of Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles Karthikeyan Balakrishnan (Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd)*; Moga Natha Shankar Kumar (Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd)
Computational Modelling of Thermal Runaway Propagation in Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Paul Schiffbänker (AVL List GmbH)*; Daniele Suzzi (AVL List GmbH)
BIDIRECTIONAL CONVERTER USING FUZZY FOR BATTERY CHARGING OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE Sreelakshmi S (Alliance University)*; Mohan Krishna S (Alliance University); Deepa K (Amrita School of Engineering)
Hybrid SL/SC Quasi-Switched Boost Multilevel Inverter AJAYKUMAR T (VNIT, NAGPUR)*; Dr. Nita R Patne (VNIT Nagpur)
Development of Control Strategy for Hybrid Powertrain to Improve the Fuel Economy of Commercial Vehicles Ramesh Batakurki (ARAI)*
Comprehensive motor NVH study for Traction Application Imthiaz Ahmed (Ashok Leyland)*
Design of High Voltage Cable for Electric Vehicle Vishwanatha Rao (Tata Technolgies Limited)*
Multiphysics Modeling: Electro-Thermal-Vibro-Acoustics analysis of a Permanent Magnet Machine for Electrical Vehicles Kaushik Illa (siemens)*; Korcan Kucukcoskun (Siemens)
Design and Fabrication of Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Light Electric Vehicle Applications Sibasish Panda (VNIT Nagpur)*; Ritesh Keshri (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur); Vidyadharan A (Welknown tools and equipments)
Three-Phase Magnetic-Less Boosting Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Components Dr. Sandeep N (Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur)*; Jagabar Ali (SRM Institute of Tech.); Dr. Arun Verma (MNIT Jaipur); Udaykumar R Y (NITK Surathkal)
A Study of Parameters Influencing Energy Consumption of an Electric Vehicle Satish Thimmalapura (Bosch); Satish Thimmalapura (Bosch)*
Harmonics Study of Five Phase Induction Machine With Different Winding Approaches for Traction Sathyanarayanan N (Vellore Institute of Technology); Hemantha Kumar R (Vellore Institute of Technology); Lenin N C (Vellore Institute of Technology)*
Non-Isolated Dual Switch Based High Gain DC-DC Converter AAKASH SINGH (IIT BHU)*; Avneet Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi); Singh Santosh kumar (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi); Swami Naidu N K (IIT BHU)
Experimental Investigation on Effects of Electrically Assisted Turbocharger on the Performance Parameters of a Mono Cylinder Four Strokes S.I Engine. Aditya Shukla (SSASIT, Surat, Gujarat)*; Savan Bhanderi (SSASIT); Harshil Patel (SSASIT)
Permanent Magnet Selection and Design Considerations for Traction Motors Using Dynamic Demagnetization Analysis Venu Pasupuleti (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)*; Rajesh Gudivada (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Seenu K (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited); Shanmugam Prabhu (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Parameters Matching for Electric Vehicle Conversion Abhisek Karki (Kathmandu University)*
A new single stage, high efficiency, 3 phase , isolated AC/DC converter using SiC devices navneet mangal (mahindra electric)*; Sankalp Shembekar (Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited)
Control of Fourth-order Buck-Boost Converter Dr. M. Veerachary (IIT Delhi)*; Vasudha Khubchandani (IIT)
Analysis and Design of Fourth-order Quasi-Z-Source Equivalent DC-DC Boost Converter Dr. M. Veerachary (IIT Delhi)*
New Single-Stage Boost Multilevel Inverter Madhu Babu Sambhani (NIT WARANGAL )*; Dr. Narasimharaju B L (NIT Warangal); Akshay Kumar Rathore (Concordia)
A Voltage Sensor-less Single-Phase Unity Power Factor AC-DC Front-End Converter Pragya Yadav (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology); Vidya V (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology); Sudharshan Kaarthik (IIST)*
Internet of Things based Smart E-Rickshaw Controller: A Futuristic Approach Indranil Aich (Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management)*; Jagdish Kene (Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management ); Abhishek Uplanchiwar (Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management )
Decoupled Control of Series Connected Split-Phase Synchronous Motors with Open Circuit Fault with Eight-legged Inverter Sairam K (IIST); Srikara G (IIST); Sudharshan Kaarthik (IIST)*
Interleaved Tri-state Buck-Boost Converter with Fast Transient Response and Lower Ripple Niraj Rana (National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Durgapur)*; Subrata Banerjee (NIT Durgapur)
Comparison of Three-phase and Six-phase PM-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor for EV Applications Md. Zakirul Islam (LG Electronics Vehicle Components LLC USA)*; Anand Sathyan (LG Electronics Vehicle Components LLC USA)
Modelling of the PEM fuel cell and design of a peak current control based DC-DC boost converter for locomotive application Upasana Sarma (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)*; Sanjib Ganguly (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
Real Time Phase Shifted Digital Controller Design of Piezoelectric Inchworm Motor for Automotive Seat Actuation System SANDIP JANA (CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute); Saikat Shome (CSIR Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institiute)*
An energy efficient drive configuration using closed loop boost DC-DC converter for an electric vehicle varaprasanna yeggati (RCI)*; venkata ravi bommadevara (RCI); ajaykumar duggu (RCI)
Design and Development of IGBT based Liquid Cooled Traction Electrics for E-Bus Application Gudur Balawanth Reddy (BHEL R&D)*; G Santhosh Kumar (BHEL Corp. R&D); Bishnu Prasad Muni (BHEL); Shoubhik Mukherjee (BHEL); Eswara Rao S (BHEL); Dipak Dutta (BHEL)
A Dual Active Bridge Based Multi Functional Multi Port Converter for Interfacing Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicles Shashank Kurm (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)*; Vivek Agarwal ("Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay")
Load Sensorless Novel Control Scheme for Minimizing the Starting Jerk and Energy of the PMSM Driven Gearless Elevators With Varying Stiction and Rotor Flux Linkage Sriram Rangarajan (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)*; Vivek Agarwal ("Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay")
Dynamic Current Tracking for an On-board Bi-directional EV Charger with G2V and V2G modes of Operation Debasish Mishra (IIT Delhi)*; Bhim Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi (IIT DElhi)
A High Gain DC-DC Converter for Renewable Applications Avneet Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi)*
Rotor Parameter Independent Carrier Space Vector Modulated Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor ANTONY PETER (member, IEEE)*; Dr Jaison Mathew (GEC Thrissur)
Small Signal Model for Current Mode Control of Coupled Inductor SIDO Buck Converter Gayatri Nayak (IIT Guwahati)*; Dr. Shabari Nath ( Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
Investigations on Winding Modeling Techniques for Electrical Stress Analysis in VSI-Fed Traction Electric Machines Ashutosh Patel (Concordia University )*; Chunyan Lai (Concordia University); Lakshmi Varaha Iyer (Magna International Inc.); Gerd Schlager (Magna International Inc.); Narayan Kar (University of Windsor)
Functional Safety Development of Motor Control Unit (MCU) for Electric Vehicles Maheswaran Arunachalam (Mahindra Electric)*; Ravindra Reddy (Mahindra Electric)
Solutions for Current Balancing in Multi–phase LLC Resonant Converters for Electric Vehicles Considering Scalability, Interleaving, and Phase Shedding Capabilities Philip Korta (Magna International)*; Lakshmi Varaha Iyer (Magna International Inc.); Gerd Schlager (Magna International Inc.); Narayan Kar (University of Windsor)



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