Policy Deployment Meet 2014

For the last decade, few trends have captured the world’s attention as much as the so-called
rise of the rest—a spectacular economic/political/intellectual emergence. SAEINDIA is all set
to devour the power of oneness. Two days of strenuous effort and untiring buoyancy of the
new Managing Committee has been set to propel SAEINDIA to the next orbit at the
convergence of the Presidential Policies deployment. The defined major tasks were analyzed
and debated about 30 days before the convergence by the identified cross-functional teams
and operating teams. The activity was followed as business planning to bring alignment,
clarity, and participation of all concerned, and thereby facilitate achievement of stretched
targets in a smart, systematic, and professional manner.

While commending the dedicated efforts of past presidents, Managing Committees, other
senior leaders, members, volunteers, and staff for their contribution in the evolution of
SAEINDIA as a respected professional society in the country, President Dr. Aravind Bharadwaj
explained the policies considered relevant, prioritized them with the present time frame, and
essentially identified areas of improvement. In addition to the normal focus areas for any
society—sustenance through member engagement—the following are the prioritized areas
for improvement:

• Enhance relevance of activities to members
• Reduce non-value-adding expenditures
• Increase member engagement
• Improve creation of knowledge
• Develop guidelines for unified working among SAEINDIA sections and divisions.

The importance of deploying these five policies through strong, inclusive, and innovative
deployment to arrive at executable actions was explained by Dr. Bharadwaj and Mr.

Cross-functional teams (CFTs) were formed, headed by leaders of SAEINDIA, to write the
policy stories on the above prioritized areas. Execution stories were prepared by the
Operating Boards and Section Committees. All the stakeholders ensured, through proper
deliberations and discussions, the alignment between the execution stories and the policy
stories prepared by the CFTs based on the identified priority areas of focus, and formulated
the plan. All senior members of the CFTs, Managing Committee, Operating Boards, Section
Committees, and staff pledged to work on the formulated action plan.