Membership Announcement

Membership Notification:

1.No physical cards will be issued to students. Click the below link and enter your credentials to download the E-card. 

2.All SAEINDIA members will be given access to SAE International account. SAEINDIA membership will be linked with SAE International account in which members are given access to MY Tech zone & International event registration.

Individuals are requested not to create a free account in We, SAEINDIA will provide a paid account in which user credentials will be sent through SMS/email along with your SAEINDIA membership details. SAE account will be activated in 4 to 5 working days prior to membership activation date.
In case a user had already created SAE account (unpaid), a new email address (which is not associated with SAE account) has to be sent along with SAEINDIA membership number to  or to create a new paid account.