5G Mobility Conference



5G Conference with the theme of "India`s Digital Dream thru game changing 5G Networks - Opportunities for Mobility and beyond" was virtually organized by SAEINDIA on 11th and 12th November 2021.

Technology-driven ecosystems are emerging in every industry. There are key shifts happening in the automotive industry. ACES -  Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared mobility is one of the trends that is disrupting the entire value chain. The innovations are changing the way that the industry manufacturers, distributes, sells and services vehicles.

Connectivity is available by default in most new vehicle, the automotive industry is expected to be among the top 4 industries for 5G enabled opportunities. There are multiple connectivity based applications in a connected vehicle ranging from V2X – Vehicle To Everything communication, enhanced in-vehicle experience, improved telematics services and intelligent transport systems that includes traffic management, autonomous and driving. 5G is expected to be the backbone of all vehicular, infrastructure, pedestrian communication with the new peer to peer communication protocol called C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle To Everything).

Fifth generation wireless technology, or 5G, will be integral to the evolution because of low latency, high reliability, and higher throughput. This conference will the 1st 5G Mobility Conference being organised by SAEINDIA to drive adoption of 5G technology for Mobility in India.

Conference Topics:
  • Autonomous & Connected Vehicles -- Recent Technologies
  • 5G Enabled Vehicular Communications & Networking (VCN)
  • Connected Vehicles -- C-V2X and 5G
  • Application of 5G Next Generation Networks to IOT
  • Connected Economy (Integrated & Shared Mobility, IOT, Location Services)
  • D2D Communications for 5G Networks
  • Cybersecurity Issues in Connected Vehicles -- 5G Applications
  • 5G NR: Applications in IOT, Smart Cities, Autonomous Driving & More
  • Enabling Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) for 5G Networking
  • Internet of Electric Vehicles (IoEV) : Architecture Evolution
  • Towards 6G wireless communication networks
Committee Members:

Convener : Dr. Arunkumar Sampath, Chair - Meetings & Exposition Board, SAEINDIA

Committee Members:

  • Mr. Shitalkumar Joshi - Ansys
  • Mr. Vinod Venkateswaran - Infosys
  • Mr. Satish Jamadagni - Reliance Jio
  • Mr. Balakrishnan Kalyanasundaram - Wipro
  • Dr. Ajay Kattepur - Ericsson
  • Mr. Sirish Batchu - Danlaw Technologies
  • Dr. Shankar Venugopal - Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Mr. Vishy Ramaswamy - Tata Communications
  • Dr. Anand Santhanakrishnan - New York Institute of Technology






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