Blue Ribbon CXO Conclave held at Hotel Le-Meridian, Chennai on 14th October 2016.Panel discussion on


“Mobility for smart cities: Challenges and Opportunities” was held on this occasion.


Dr. Arunkumar – Chair Automotive Board, SAEINDIA and GM – M&M, made the curtain raiser presentation explaining different challenges and opportunities for mobility solutions with smart cities. He touched upon increasing usage of internet in connected vehicles, digital disruptions and skilling India. He specifically highlighted needs of skill development for future and briefed the S2I2 initiative of SAEINDIA Automotive board.

The panel was moderated by Mr. Rajendra Khile – DGM, Technical Regulations, Renault Nissan and featured the following eminent panelists:

  1. Margo Oge, an environmental regulator who served as the Director of the Environmental


Protection Agency’s Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality USA


  1. N. Saravanan – Senior Vice President of Product Development at Ashok Leyland Ltd.


  • Sirish Batchu – Head of Infotronics Technology and Advance Electronics, Mahindra & Mahindra




The lively panel discussion brought out various facets of mobility solution for smart cities and increasing usage of Internet of People moving towards Internet of Things (IOT). Mrs. Oge mentioned that smart cities have one common theme and i.e. improving quality of life. She highlighted issue of increasing emissions in cities and shared experience of Emission legislations development in USA which benefited Auto Industry and Environment through innovation of Catalytic convertor. She also highlighted need for reducing usage  of private vehicles and increased sharing of vehicles to reduce congestion and emissions.

Dr. Sarvanan highlighted the need for holistic approach with very clear vision. He specifically mentioned that each smart city might need different approach. Also, increased usage of public transport would be the key. He mentioned about the shift towards Electric Bus for public mobility and wanted supporting infrastructure to speed up the process.

Mr. Sirish Bathcu specifically mentioned that smart cities need to be supported by smart village and providing better and equal opportunities at upcoming smart cities specifically smaller cities will help reducing burden on metro cities. He also mentioned about more involvement of software engineers from Automotive


Industry at SAEINDIA in view of increasing usage of IT and connectivity of vehicles. He highlighted that connected vehicles will be generating huge data and there is need to properly deal with the data for safety regulations and improving air quality.

Mr. Oge President SAE International suggested SAEINDIA to explore possibility of partnering with smart cities while framing mobility solutions of smart cities. Mr. Murli Iyer Executive Global Advisor, SAE International pointed out the forums organized by SAE International with policy makers and enforcement agency of Government with the stake holders in the Mobility industry to provide solutions concerning all. He wanted SAEINDIA to make similar initiatives to be part of the solutions with futuristic perspective.

Upon conclusion of the panel discussion, Mr. Rajendra Khile spoke about involvement of SAEINDIA with one or two smart cities and provide expert suggestions. He highlighted concerns over cyber security in such high level of connectivity in future. The smart cities will help in improving quality of life and has greater opportunity for connected vehicles with increased usage of shared mobility.

Mr. D Seshadri, Executive Director, SAEINDIA thanked the participants.