SAEINDIA Mobility Congress 2005

SAE Paper No. Title Authors
2005-26-301 A Case for RFID in Indian Automotive Industry Ashfaque Ahmed Ansari, S.Murali and Venkatesh Natarajan
2005-26-302 Development of a Controller for a 1000 HP Engine of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle M Khader Basha, T.Soundarapandian, V.Kumaravelu, B.Balakrishna Reddy, N.Achuthan, Krishna Vasudevan, A.Ramesh and V.Ganesan
2005-26-303 An Evaluation Algorithm of IPS in Automotive Application Ealgoo Kim, Taeyeon Lee, Hakbong Kim, Shiva Krishna, William Peng, Kison Lee, Seomun Jin, Jaehong Park, Koojung Lee, Sunsuk Ok and Jangdon Choi
2005-26-304 Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HIL) for Vehicle Electronics Systems Testing and Validation Ganesh Babu.M
2005-26-305 A Case for Open Source in Automotive Embedded Systems L.Yaamini Devi and S.Gopalakrishnan
2005-26-306 Trends in Automotive Remote Diagnosis T.V.Ramadasu
2005-26-307 Malware in Automotive Electronics – Potential Threats and Scenarios Roland H. Haas, Asoke Talukder, Ramesh Venkatram, Vivek Khariwal and Daimler Chrysler
2005-26-308 Powertrain Challenges Impact on Semi-conductor Solutions Patrick Leteinturier
2005-26-309 Brain Controlled Car for the Disabled Using Artificial Intelligence Sudharsan Bharath
2005-26-310 Finite-Element Analysis of Al-SiCp Composite Poppet Valve Guides Rajesh Purohit, Rakesh Sagar
2005-26-311 CAE Used for Durability Analysis – A Case Study G.D.Bhide, S.P.Chavan and Abhijit Sobale
2005-26-312 Computer Simulation of Combustion Characteristics of MPFI Engine J.Nanmugavel, M.Kumaresan, G.Devaradjane
2005-26-313 Optimization of Blanks for Sheet Metal Forming K.Hariharan, R.Malhan, K.K.Rama Rao, M.P.Siva Kumar and S.Suresh
2005-26-314 Evaluation of Various Energy Absorption Mechanisms Using FEA and Its Validation S.K.Patidar, R.S.Mahajan and Raju.S
2005-26-315 Modeling of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Homogeneous 

Charge Compression Ignition Engine
S.Rajkumar and G.Nagarajan
2005-26-316 Analysis of a Six-bar Rack-and-Pinion Steering Linkage A.Rahmani Hanzaki, S.K.Saha and P.V.M.Rao
2005-26-317 Design and Development of Combustion Chamber for Small Gas Turbine Power Plant Digvijay, B.Kulshreshtha and S.A.Channiwala
2005-26-318 Predictive Technique Approach for Diesel Engine Piston Ring Pack Design Y.Harikumar, R.Mahadevan, N.Muralitharan, S.Manivasagam and V.Rengarajan
2005-26-319 The Effect of Induced Swirl Pattern on TDC Flow Field in a HSDI Diesel Engine S.Alfred Herman and V.Ganesan
2005-26-320 Identification of Key Vehicle Parameters for Pedestrian Impact Safety Rahul V Pathare, Nilesh Tawde and Ayub Miraje
2005-26-321 An Automated Shape Optimization Procedure for Drag Reduction of Ground Vehicles S.Venkat and S.Rasmi
2005-26-322 Influence of Time Gap on the Number of Interrupting Cars and the Traveling Time Taro Kumagai, Yuji Matsuki, Kazunori Shidoji and Masahiko Ogawa
2005-26-323 A Comparison between Subjective Traveling Time and Actual Traveling Time in terms of Driving Speed Yuji Matsuki, Kazunori Shidoji, Katsuya Matsunaga and Taro Kumagai
2005-26-324 A Comparative Study of Composite and Steel Front Rails for Vehicle Front Impact Safety A.Naravane, A.Deb and N.D.Shivakumar, H.C.Chittappa
2005-26-325 Multi-Objective Optimization of Automotive Bumper System for Low Velocity Frontal Impact Kaushik Sinha and Suresh Nagesh
2005-26-326 Effect Of Element Quality On Interface Check Forces In Acoustic Sensitivity Analysis C.Anantha, Hebbale, K.Ramanathan and Suresh Nagesh
2005-26-327 Application of Light Weight Structural Foams for Crashworthiness of In-Production Passenger Cars Sujit Chalipat, Sarang Kshirsagar and Ajit Gokhale
2005-26-328 Durability Analysis of a Truck Cab B.S.Manjunatha and Thulasiram Vajrala
2005-26-329 A Report on Improving the Ride and Handling Performance in the Roll and Pitch Modes of an Utility Vehicle Subiman Das, P.Ramamurthy and K.Balasubramanyan
2005-26-330 Achieving Reliability Growth by Probabilistic Design of Components Considering Strength Degradation of Materials and Stochastic Nature of Design Variables N.Subbiah and S.Krishna Kumar
2005-26-331 Current Research Challenges in Solidification Modeling of Automotive Castings Suresh Sundarraj
2005-26-332 Multistage Process Optimization for Manufacturing Automotive Component Using Finite Element Method K.Narasimhan and Anup Kumar Sharma
2005-26-333 High Strength Steels for Automotive applications: Recent Trends and Experience at Tata Steel N.Gope, D.K.Rout, S.Mukherjee, G.Jha, A.N.Bhagat, A.K.Verma D.Bhattacharjee and A.K.Srivastava
2005-26-334 Active Noise Control Simulation in a Passenger Car Cabin Using Finite Element Modeling A.R.Ohadi and A.Emadi
2005-26-335 Optimization of Tyre Pattern Noise and Validation Renji Issac N. Pradeepkumar, M.K.Jain
2005-26-336 Aero-acoustic Assessment Over a Vehicle Side Glass Using Surface Pressure Measurements Mark A Burnett
2005-26-337 Full Vehicle Hybrid Simulation Applied to Vehicle Interior Noise Optimization François Gérard and Peter Mas
2005-26-338 Sound Quality Analysis of a Two Wheeler at Idling P.S.Mahale and S.Raju
2005-26-339 Study of Flow through Air Filter for Off Highway Vehicle – A Preliminary CFD Approach P.Thiyagarajan and V.Ganesan
2005-26-340 Design and Development of Light Weight Flexible Power Transmission Shaft for High Speed Fighter Aircraft S.Jothi and V.Balamurugan, S.Ganesan
2005-26-341 Development of Compact Twin Circuit Heat Exchanger in the Cooling System of a Combat Vehicle A.Kumarasamy and P.L.Sathyanarayanan
2005-26-342 Future Main Battle Tank - Mobility Requirement Poses a New Dimension to the Tank Design J.Roopchand and B.Rajagopalan.
2005-26-343 Study of effects of damper oil volume lag on Hydrogas Suspension used in Armoured Fighting Vehicle Swarna Ramesh, S.Sundaresh, M.Singaperumal
2005-26-344 Experimental Investigations on Performance and Emission Characteristics of CNG in a Spark Ignition Engine S.Maji. P.B.Sharma and M.K.Gajendra Babu
2005-26-345 Effects of Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Exhaust Gas with Intake Air on DI Diesel Engine Emission and Performance Characteristics R.Anand and N.V.Mahalakshmi
2005-26-346 Overview of EGR, Injection Timing and Pressure on Emissions and Performance of CI Engine with Pongamia Methyl Ester J.G.Suryawanshi and N.V.Deshpande
2005-26-347 The Effect of NOx /Soot Ratio on the Regeneration Behaviour of Catalysed Diesel Particulate Filters for Heavy Duty Applications K.V.R.Babu, Basu Sudipto, B.S.Kang, Nicola Soeger, Lothar Mussmann, Ralf Sesselmann, Owen Bailey and Masao Hori
2005-26-348 Diesel Exhaust Particulate Characterization for Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Benzene Soluble Fraction K.V.L.Bharathi, Dipankar Dwivedi, Mukesh Sharma and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
2005-26-349 Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of a Hydrogen Fueled SI engine – An Experimental Study V.Subramanian, J.M.Mallikarjuna and A.Ramesh
2005-26-350 Review Of Fuel Induction Technologies for Automotive Hydrogen Propulsion M.K.Mahesh, Neelu, C.Prakash and G.Viswanathan
2005-26-351 Methanol-Ethanol-Gasoline Blended Fuel (M5e20) Injection Investigations on Single Cylinder SI Engine A.A.Latey, T.S.Bhatti, L.M.Das and M.K.Gajendra Babu
2005-26-352 Basic Aspect of Combustion of CNG Incylinder Direct-Injection with Spark-Ignition Seiichi Shiga, Mikiya Araki, Tomio Obokata, Xi’an, China Hitoshi Ishii, Takamasa Ueda, Mitsuhiro Tsue abd Michikata Kono
2005-26-353 Evaluation of Performance, Emission and Combustion Parameters of a CI Engine Fuelled with Bio-Diesel from Rubber Seed Oil and its Blends V.Pradeep and R.P.Sharma
2005-26-354 Combustion Characteristics of Rice Bran Oil Derived Biodiesel in a Transportation Diesel Engine Shailendra Sinha, Avinash Kumar Agarwal
2005-26-355 Performance and Emission Characteristics of a CI Engine Fueled with Esterified Cottonseed Oil M.Leenus Jesu Martin, D.Prithviraj, K.C.Velappan
2005-26-356 On Road Testing of Advanced Common Rail Diesel Vehicles with Biodiesel from the Jatropha Curcas plant Sanjeev Mandpe, Suhas Kadlaskar, Winfried Degen and Stefan Keppeler
2005-26-357 Characterization of Particulates with Different Blends of Bio-Fuels in Light Commercial Vehicle M.Subramanian, M.Muralidharan, P.C.Kanal and R.K.Malhotra
2005-26-358 Characteristics of CNG Direct Injection with Auto-Ignition Mikiya Araki, Hui Dong, Tomio Obokata, Seiichi Shiga, Kiyohira Aoki and Tsuneaki Ishima
2005-26-359 Design of a Digital Electronic Fuel Injection System for Gasoline Direct Injection in a Two Stroke Cycle Spark Ignition Engine Mohammad Marouf Wani, M.K.Gajendra Babu and T.S.Bhatti
2005-26-360 Up-gradation of IDI Engine Combustion for 3-Wheeler Application to Meet 2005 BS-II Emission Norms P.G.Bhat, D.R.Nene and N.V.Marathe, H.P.Shashishekar and M.Della Valle
2005-26-361 Parametric Study on Fin Heat Transfer for Air Cooled Motorcycle Engine Zakirhusen K Memon, T.Sundararajan, V.Lakshminarasimhan, Y.R.Babu and   Vinay Harne
2005-26-362 Motorcycle Engine Management System with Microcontroller and Smart Drivers Robert T P Tan and Tervin Tan Seng Hung

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