This is where you can get answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer here, e-mail SAEINDIA at ddg@saeindia.org

Q: What are the steps to log in into SAE International web site?

A: Kindly go through the following steps to login.

  • Now you are in our home page in our website www.saeindia.org.
  • In this Home page of SAEINDIA, you will notice on the right hand top corner the logo of SAE International.
  • Click this logo and get into their website. Alternatively straight away go to their website www.sae.org.
  • Here on topside, you will notice “Login / MySAE 
  • Click this and you will be asked to give your User ID and password.
  • Use your user ID and your password and submit.
  • You will be welcomed in My SAE
  • On left hand top corner, you have “search. With various options underneath.
  • Choose.
  • Then proceed with instructions given

We hope that with this, you will be able to access what you want.


Q: Why SAEINDIA and what does it do?

A: SAEINDIA, the Society of Automotive Engineers is a group affiliated to SAE International, the Society of Automotive Engineers of nearly 90,000 engineers, business executives, educators, and students from more than 97 countries form our network of members who share information and exchange ideas for advancing the engineering of mobility systems. More than 16,000 volunteer leaders serve on SAE Board of Directors and SAE`s many other boards, councils and committees. The technical committees write more new aerospace and automotive engineering standards than any other standards-writing organization in the world. SAE International publish thousands of technical papers and books each year, and leading-edge periodicals and Internet and CD-ROM products too. Their Cooperative Research Program helps facilitate projects that benefit the mobility industry as a whole. Numerous meetings and expositions provide worldwide opportunities to network and share information. Like them we also offer a full complement of professional development activities such as seminars, workshops, and continuing education programs. The meetings and activities of local sections provide an opportunity to network with colleagues near you.


Q: Who are SAEINDIA members?

A: SAEINDIA members are in various fields - design, manufacture, test, market, and maintain self-propelled land, sea, air, and space vehicles, their components and systems. Engineers from every technical discipline and the professionals who work closely with them improve vehicle efficiency, performance, reliability, and safety. Many SAEINDIA members are leaders in the field who serve as key resources for the engineering community


Q: How to become a SAEINDIA member?

A: The procedure to become a member is detailed below for your kind information.


  • Download the membership application form available in our website.
  • Fill up the application form and duly sign the same
  • You can pay the applicable membership fee by way of DD/Cheque drawn from any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank favouring SAEINDIA payable at Chennai,

Membership Fee Structure:

  • Faculty Fees – 1100 x 1 = Rs.1100/- + Rs.165/- = Rs.1265/- including Service Tax @ 15%.

  • Members below 28 yrs of age – 1100 x 1 = Rs.1100/- + Rs.165/- = Rs.1265/- including Service Tax @ 15%.

  • Members above 28 yrs of age – 1400 x 1 = Rs.1400/- + Rs.210/- = Rs.1610/- including Service Tax @ 15%.

Payment can also be done through online funds transfer. Please note our bank details as given below.

ICICI A/c. : 000101202792,


Branch : Teynampet

IFSC : ICIC0000001 


·         Mail us the filled-in application form duly signed along with the DD/Cheque or online payment details to our address given below.

·         On receipt of the membership application form with the payment, the membership will be processed.


As per our internal guidelines, the membership will be approved and the membership card will be sent to the applicant’s address. SAEINDIA reserves the right to accept or refuse a membership application.

On approval, the membership details will also be uploaded to SAE International Website for issue of log-in credentials, enabling the member to access applicable online services provided by SAE International.

We look forward to welcoming you to SAEINDIA.

Q: Can companies become a member of SAEINDIA.

A: No. SAEINDIA is an organization of individual members and corporate membership is not available


Q: Do I qualify for membership/affiliation?

A: If you have a degree in engineering, mathematics, science or have another professional degree or are a professional working within the mobility field, then you qualify. Even if you don't have a college degree you can become a member of SAEINDIA.


Q: If I join today when will my membership expire?

A: Your membership will expire 12 months from the time you are elected into Professional membership. There is no life membership in SAEINDIA



Q: How much does it cost to join SAEINDIA?

A: The yearly membership fee for the associate member or an affiliate membership fee is Rs.1260 (incl. of 14.5% service tax) if the individual is less than 28 years of age and Rs.1603 (incl. of 14.5% service tax) if the individual is more than 28 years of age. The yearly membership fee for a student member is Rs.458 (incl. of 14.5% service tax) only. Please note that there is no life membership.


Q: How do you decide what grade to give an applicant?

A: SAEINDIA applicants are reviewed to determine their experience, level of engineering involvement and educational background before they are accepted and assigned one of the membership grades.


Q: Is there a cost to change my member grade?

A: No, there's no charge. Just inform us with details, including your member number and send us


Q: What's my membership status?

A: It's easy to find out your membership status with the MyMember Info section of the SAE International website. This is a member's only area. Simply log in and go to the Membership button on the homepage, click on the MyMember info button and you'll get loads of useful information about your membership, including your dues status. Use Log-in Help.


Q: I am unemployed but I still want to keep my membership, what can I do?

A: Yes, but have to be an associate member if you start afresh. But if a regular member becomes unemployed or retired, he has to only renew.



Q: How much does it cost to renew my dues?

A: Renewal amount is the same you have paid the previous year unless your age changes from below 28 to above 28 yrs.,or the membership fee undergoes a change.


Q: How can I pay my membership dues?

A: There are several options for paying your dues. You can complete your subscription by filling the renewal form in your profile in online, update and mail along with your Temporary and payment receipt. New Professionals & Students Registration is Online.  


Q: Do I get a receipt after paying my renewal dues?

A: A receipt will be attached to the membership card which you will receive in the mail after you pay your dues in a fortnights time.


Q: Who's a Company Champion?

A: Company Champions are SAEINDIA ambassadors who serve as information resources for SAEINDIA members and non-members. They help spread information about the benefits of SAEINDIA and receive important information first, in addition to signing up new members, routing timely SAEINDIA notices, supplying necessary forms, and answering questions that co-workers may have about SAEINDIA programs and activities.


Q: What is a Fellow Grade of Membership?

A: This membership grade is a prestigious grade established to recognize individuals for extraordinary leadership, creativity, and accomplishments in science, engineering, and technology covered by SAE International. SAEINDIA Members nominate their colleagues for this grade and forward the name to SAE International for their board to decide on award of this grade.


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