A Report on - 1 day Seminar

The one day seminar on Combustion Concepts to meet future emission norms was successfully organised on 26th of February 2011 at The Automotive Research Association of India which witnessed an enthusiastic response and participation from practicing engineers, scholars and students in the discipline of engineering. The speakers at the seminar were:

Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson, Head, Division of Combustion engines & Vice – head of Department at Lund University, Sweden

Mr. S. Juttu, solution Architect, KPIT Cummins, Pune

Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson

Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson explained the combustion techniques like Homogeneous charge compression ignition, Partially premixed combustion, spark assisted compression ignition and their optimization to meet the future emission norms. His talk enlightened the participants with extensive information on new researches in the field of combustion.

Mr. S. Juttu

Mr. S. Juttu, delivered lecture on Review, Simulation and Adaptation of HCCI/PCCI Combustion. The lecture started off with the basic concepts of these combustion techniques and took the audience through advanced simulation techniques such as Chemkin, CFD and analysis tools like combustion photography. He explained the effect of various parameters on the emissions of HCCI and PCCI engines which were observed during research studies.

This event saw the trial run of the “online seminars” which was decided to be included under the steps towards energise the SAEINDIA Western section activities. It was made possible by using the WebEx facility and the audio conferencing facility simultaneously. The audio conferencing facility was well supported by SAEINDIA The online seminar trial run was offered free of cost to 25 participants and received a healthy response. The benefits of online seminar reached more than 25 participants who logged in at different timings in the day. Also, the online seminar proved to be an occasion for the organizers to understand the systems better and confidently venture into such endeavors in future.

The seminar succeeded in elaborating on the basic and advanced concepts related to engine combustion to meet future emission norms. The gathering of around 50 at the seminar constituted practicing engineers at various automotive companies, ancillaries, professors, researchers and students.

Glimpses of the event:

Mr. A. Akbar Badusha giving the inaugural address


Mr. Jugal Mittal, M/s.Tata Cummins, welcoming Prof.Dr. Bengt Johansson


In session: Participants listening to Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson


Mr. A. Akbar Badusha felicitating Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson


In session: Participants listening to Mr. S. Juttu


Mr. A. Akbar Badusha welcoming Mr. S. Juttu


Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson giving away the certificates to participants


Dr. K .C. Vora felicitating Mr. S. Juttu


Participants of the seminar pose for a snap

Course Feedback Sheet

One Day Seminar on Combustion Concepts to meet Future Emission Norms

Faculty: Prof. Dr. Bengt Johansson, Mr. S. Juttu

Venue: Hall 2, ARAI, Pune.

Date: 26th February 2011

1. Appropriateness of the Topics

1 2 3 4 5

2. Quality of Presentation

1 2 3 4 5

3. Quality of Course Material

1 2 3 4 5

4. Arrangements

1 2 3 4 5

5. Faculties

1 2 3 4 5

6. Food

1 2 3 4 5


Just right Long   short  



7. Duration of Seminar

8. Which other topics according to you should have been covered?

Hybrid, marketability of Technology, Air management and TC matching, comparison of current emission norms in India with global norms, hardware /calibration and systems for transition from SI and CI to HCCI.

9. What did you find most useful?

Optimization of combustion, concepts of HCCI and PCCI, practical data shard by speakers,

10. Suggest topics for future seminars/workshops.

Alternate fuels, Hybrid Technology, oil consumption – parameter details, piston and rings design, NVH, CO2 reduction, Hydrogen IC engine, Combustion modeling and CFD methods.

11. Suggestions for improvement.

More video clips, interaction, Course material with 2 slides per page, Fee concession for students,


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