APAC16 2011

SAE Paper No. Title Authors
SAE2011-28-0001 Tomorrow’s Car – for today’s people: can tilting three wheeled
vehicles be a solution for the problems of today and the
Frank Will, James Nicholas Davidson, Paul Couchman, David Bednall
Deakin University
SAE2011-28-0002 Modeling and Simulation of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Two
Wheeler for All-Electric Range Requirements
Shaik Amjad, R. Rudramoorthy, S. Neelakrishnan and K. Sri Raja Varman
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
SAE2011-28-0003 Two Wheeler Engine Control Unit – Development, Challenges and
Aravind Aithal, Ramakrishna Donakonda
Robert Bosch Engineering and business Solutions Limited, Bangalore, India
SAE2011-28-0004 Improvement of Part Throttle Performance of Carburetor
Used in a Two Wheeler Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine
G.Arun, C.Ramesh, R.Elayaraja, J Sureshkumar, B.Srinivasan
UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd.
SAE2011-28-0005 A Talking Bike A. Daniel Martin, R. Prakash, K. Thiruppathi Raja
SAE2011‐28‐0006 Research on the development of the bio composites for
automotive interior parts
Seongho Kim, Ok Kim, Yong Chun
SAE2011-28-0007 Development process of the prototype and evaluation on the
biodegradability of jute fiber/PLA fiber composites for
automotive headlining
Sun Kyoung Jeoung, Pyoung-Chan Lee, Seung Eul Yoo
SAE2011-28-0008 Multi-Scale Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Plastics:
New Trends in Finite Element Analysis
Chandra Sekhar Kattamuri
CADFEM Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd.
SAE2011-28-0009 Aluminum - Fly Ash matrix Composites as Light Weight Materials for Automotive Industry Shanmughasundaram P, Karpagam College of Engineering, India
SAE2011-28-0010 A study on the Low-Weight BMC for Headlamp reflector Y W Kim, Hyundai Mobis CO.; Led, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0011 Press Hardening - the Lightweight Technology for Making Cars With More Safety and Less CO2 Emission Jian Dr Bian, Niobium Tech Asia, Singapore
SAE2011-28-0012 Development of an Environment-friendly Core Production Technology Kim Han Jae, Metallic Materials Research Team, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0013 Design; Fabrication and Stress Aanalysis of a Composite Propeller Shaft A M Ummuhaani, PSG College of Technology, India
SAE2011-28-0014 Use of Bio- Ethanol the Key Solution for a More Sustainable Road Transport Alberto Boretti, University of Ballarat, Australia
SAE2011-28-0015 Evaluation of a Novel Biofuel Blend using Diesel-Biodiesel-Ethanol on Light Commercial Vehicle M Muralidharan, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0016 Deposit formation in a Diesel Engine Fueled with SVO and its effect on the Engine Performance Kiyoshi Kawasaki, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan
SAE2011-28-0017 Exhaust Emissions from a Diesel Passenger Car Fuelled with Butanol-Diesel Fuel Blend Miloslaw Kozak, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
SAE2011-28-0018 Hydrogen as a Fuel in SI Engines - towards Best Efficiency for  Car Engines Harry C Watson, University of Melbourne, Australia
SAE2011-28-0019 An Experimental Study on the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of HCNG with Dual Spark plug… Seokho Kang, Kookmin University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0020 On the Advantage of E100 Over Gasoline in Down-sized; Turbo-charged; Direct-Injectioned; Variable Valve  Actuaed… Alberto Boretti, University of Ballarat, Australia
SAE2011-28-0021 Low cost Battery Sensor Algorithm Balaji R, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, India
SAE2011-28-0022 Evaluation of Time-resolved Nanoparticle and THC Emissions of Wall-guided GDI Engine Kwanhee Choi, Korea University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0023 Green Racing; Solar and FSAE Simon Watkins, RMIT University, Australia
SAE2011-28-0024 Making greener off-road vehicles. Assessment
Method and design solutions
Sergey B Shukhman, NAMI-Service Innovation Firm, Russia
SAE2011-28-0025 Development of a High Performance body Control Solution for Commercial Vehicles in Emerging Markets Latha VK, Automotive Infotronics, India
SAE2011-28-0026 Two Part Trailor Vishal A Bhalerao, Mahindra Engineering Services, India
SAE2011-28-0027 Application Experiences with Current Generations of SCR Dosing Systems in Euro 4, 5 and 6 Michael Skovgaard, Emitec Emission Control Technologies, Denmark
SAE2011-28-0028 Integration and Testing of an Ammonia Storage and Delivery System to an Engine/vehicle for NOx Reduction Shyam Santhanam, Navistar Inc., United States
SAE2011-28-0029 Performance Analysis for Chain Collision Scenario with V2V Communication Hyun-Soo Seo, Tae-Oh Kim and Sung-Dae Jung
SAE2011-28-0030 Breakthrough approach to Automotive Diagnostic verification Ramya R, Srinivas Sripada, Binu K B
SAE2011-28-0031 Migration of Legacy Architecture to Autosar Architecture Sarath Nandu R, Delphi, India
SAE2011-28-0032 A Study of Rear Bumper Integrated Carrier System Lee Seung Mok, Hyundai-Kia Motors, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0033 A Development of the Eco-routing Navigation System Daesik Kim, Hyundai-Kia Motors, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0034 Development of Eco-Driving Guide System Sung Yun Kim, HMC, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0035 Autonomous Vehicle Control in Urban Environment
by Map-Based Driving Lane Detection
Takanori Yoshizawa, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
SAE2011-28-0036 Estimation of Hurry Driving Behavior based on Hierarchical
Bayesian Model Using Continuous-Logging Drive Recorder
Toshihito Ikenishi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
SAE2011-28-0037 Integrated Sensor System Framework for Enhanced Vehicle Safety Krishnan K. Kutty, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0038 Scalable System Architecture Using Continental BFC Harikrishna Khandavilli, Continental Automotive, India
SAE2011-28-0039 Cognitive Workload Estimation through… Joonwoo Son, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0040  Adaptive DTE Computation for Robust Fuel Computer Display Sreedhar Thanthry, Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0041 PM10 chemical profiles of vehicular exhaust for
source identification in ambient air
M. K. Chaudhari, Amita Baikerikar, Sarika Varade, Moqtik Bawase
The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune
SAE2011-28-0042 Benefits of LS-Design™, a structured metal foil for two and
three wheelers catalyst substrates, to minimize catalyst
volumes, PGM loads and the route towards low NOx emissions
Sven Seifert, Dr. Francois Jayat, Alfred Reck
SAE2011-28-0043 Methodology For Experimental Validation Of After-Treatment Devices - Off-Highway Vehicles Brijesh Rajput, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0044 Evaluation of Gas Transport Properties on the Process of Urea Gas Decomposition in the Modeling of a Urea-SCR System Byan Wahyu Riyandwita, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0045 Integrated Test Process Management for Automotive Products Rajesh Karunakaran, Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0046 A Study on the Optimal Design of IP Module Considering Performance of LRD A/BAG Deployment Hyun Kim, Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0047 CAN: Beyond Vehicle Communication Aniket Bhattacharya, John Deere, India
SAE2011-28-0048 Improvement of fuel economy and CO2 reduction of
commercial vehicles by the promotion of eco-driving
management system (EMS)
Shigeru Ueki, Organization for The Promotion of Low-Emission Veh, Japan
SAE2011-28-0049 Ultra - downsizing of Internal Combustion Engines Victor Gheorghiu, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
SAE2011-28-0050 Reducing Emissions and Improving Fuel Economy by Optimized Combustion of Alternative Fuels Murr; Franz, AVL List GmbH, Austria
SAE2011-28-0051 Relationships Between Driving Style… Joonwoo Son, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0052 Investigating the Effect of Operating Variables and Engine
Lubricant Viscosity on Engine Friction- A DOE Approach
Devendra Singh, Indian Institute of Petroleum - CSIR, India
SAE2011-28-0053 Alternative Cranckshaft Mechanisms And Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems for… Alberto Boretti, University of Ballarat, Australia
SAE2011-28-0054 Lightweighting of Public Transport Buses in India: An Impact Analysis Suresh Babu Muttana, TIFAC; Department of Science and Technology, India
SAE2011-28-0055 Performance Characteristics of a Rankine Steam Cycle and Boiler for Engine Waste Heat Recovery Sukjung Bae, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0056 Compressed Air Technology In Idling Mode Of a Diesel Engine Susheel Pandey, VIT University, India
SAE2011-28-0057 Biodiesel Fuel Effects on Injection System and Establishment… Toshihiko Omori, Diesel Injection Eng. Div. 2 Denso Corporation, Japan
SAE2011-28-0058 Contribution of Different Diesel Fuel Injection Systems to Engine Out Emissions Steffen Martin, Pure Power Technologies, United States
SAE2011-28-0059 A Model-based Air-Fuel Ratio Control Scheme for Gasoline Engines under Fuel Injection Path Changing Chaoqing Wang, Sophia University, Japan
SAE2011-28-0060 Numerical Studies on the Combustion and Liquid Fuel Films
Characteristics with the Dependence on Injection and Spark
Timing of GDI Engine
Ju Hyeong Seo, Korea University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0061 Progress and Challenges in Toyota's Fuel Cell Vechicle Development Koichi Kojima, TOYOTA Motor Cop. Fuel Cell System Engineering Div, Japan
SAE2011-28-0062 A Study on the Thermal Characteristics According to Input
Voltage Variation in Micro Chip Hydrogen Sensor for Fuel Cell
Electric Vehicle
Ho Cheol Suh, Sejong Industrial Co.; ltd., South Korea
SAE2011-28-0063 Design of IPMSM for the Electrical Compressor in EV Kyu-yun Hwang, KOMOTEK, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0064 Systematic Development of Hybrid Systems
for Commercial Vehicles
Thomas Pels or Dr Raimund Ellinger, AVL Schrick GmbH, Germany
SAE2011-28-0065 Development of a Parallel-type Diesel Hybrid bus and Fuel Efficiency Results From Trial Runs Yongrae Kim, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, South Korea
Stanislav N Florentsev, 'RUSELPROM-ElectricDrive' Ltd., Russia
SAE2011-28-0067 Plug-in Hybrid Bus for Public Transport - Benefits and Impacts Arghya Sardar, TIFAC, India
SAE2011-28-0068 DTC to stabilise and control loads with better energy savings
and improved torque profile for Hybrid Vehicle
Vivek Venkobarao, Continental Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0069 Simulation of Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain with an Advanced Battery Model Sreekanth Nallabolu, CADFEM Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0070 Magnetorheological fluid based Kinetic Energy Recovery System B Rajagopalan, Hindustan University, India
SAE2011-28-0071 3 Wet Technology- A Novel Approach for Greener; Efficient, Smart practice in Automotive Paint Application Anand Misra, Ford India Private Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0072 Optimization of Process Parameters for Automotive Paint
Stephan Blum, DYNARDO GmbH, Germany
SAE2011-28-0073 A Study on Spectrum of Lights - Quality Retrospective P K Gopinath, Ford India Private Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0074 Laser Application Technology of Lithium-ion Battery for EV Koji Wakabayashi, Management Planning Headquarters, Japan
SAE2011-28-0075 Plasma Transfer Arc welding - Novel method in Tool Reconditioning M Charles, Wheels India Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0076 Hot Powder Preform Forging Technique for making Brake pad A A S Ghazi, IIT ROORKEE, India
SAE2011-28-0077 Generation of 3-D Virtual Block Belgian Road for Prediction of Road Load Dong-Ho; Kim, Hyundai-Kia Motors Company, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0078 Front Suspension Modeling using an Integrated FEM - Multi body
Sanjay Kr Gupta, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0079 A New Steering Wheel Return-ability Control Strategy for On-center Handling Performance Taewook Hong, Kookmin University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0080 Virtual Design of Automotive Electronics Towards Vibration Reduction Prashant Bardia, John Deere Inida Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0081 An Integrated Modeling Approach for Induction Hardening
Vinayak Deshmukh, John Deere Asia Technology Innovation Center, India
SAE2011-28-0082 Automated Tool for Loader Performance Calculation Ankit Shrivastava, John Deere India Private Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0083 Development of an Analytical Tool for Multilayer Stack Assemblies Rammohan B, Delphi, India
SAE2011-28-0084 A Modified McClintock Criterion Considering the Third Stress
Ngoc-Trung Nguyen, Kangwon National University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0085 Modeling of Pedestrian Behavior in Crossing Urban Road for Risk Prediction Driving Assistance System Soichiro Aoyagi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
SAE2011-28-0086 Springback Control of a Battery Case for EV(Electric Vehicle) Using Automatic Die Compensation Module Dug-Young Lee, Daegu University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0087 Effect of Positions of Front and Rear Masses in Crankshaft Design Satyanarayana Villuri, Mahindra and Mahidra, India
SAE2011-28-0088 Active Type Variable Intake System Jang Young Hak, Hyundai-Kia Motors, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0089 Development of a Quantification Methodology for Slosh Noise
associated with Dynamic Fuel Flow Behavior in Passenger Car Tank
Chetan Prakash Jain, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0090 Development of roll mount for the movement control of
powertrain and the improvement of NVH performance
Bong Ho Lee, Hyundai Motors; Research & Development Division, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0091 Cavitation Noise Mechanism and its Effect in Hydromount Sandip Hazra, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0092 Ergonomic Considerations of Clutch Pedal Design for Heavy Commercial Vehicle Girish Ravan, Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0093 Identification of Tire Equivalent Stiffness for Prediction of Vertical Sindle Force Masami Matsubara, Doshisha University; Japan, Japan
SAE2011-28-0094 A Holistic Approach to Design for Dnvironment (DFE) Stueti Gupta, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0095 Smart Phones - Revolutionizing use of Off-highway vehicles Vishwanath Venkatesh Patil, John Deere Technology Center India, India
SAE2011-28-0096 Weight Optimization of Off-Highway Equipment Assembly Amit Pingle, John Deere India Private Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0097 Control of Advanced EGR System at Nonroad Diesel Engine Bieniek Andrzej, Opole University of Technology, Poland
SAE2011-28-0098 Function, technology and the level of implementation of the
digital tachograph system in EU-AETR and non EU-AETR
Marcin Rychter, Motor Transport Institute, Poland
SAE2011-28-0099 Development of a Road Friction Dynamometer Shailesh Kulkarni, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.; Nashik, India
SAE2011-28-0100 The Technical Efficiency of Chennai Auto Industry Cluster Dr E Bhaskaran, Department of Industries and Commerce, India
SAE2011-28-0101 Product Line Approach to develop an Engine Control Unit for the Emerging Markets Ramakrishna Donakonda, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0102 Design & Development of Vane type variable Flow Oil Pump for Automotive Application J Suresh Kumar, Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0103 Development of New Amt Shift Control System for Lexus LFA Masato Shimizu, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
SAE2011-28-0104 CVT Auto Cruise Control Using Model based Road slope Estimation Kihoon Han, Continetal Automotive System, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0105 Development of Vocational Mix and Accelerated Durability Test for a Heavy duty Tipper used in Mine Application Vikas Kumar Yadav, Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0106 Improvement in the Wheel Design using Ralistic loading conditions - FEA and Experiemtal Stress Comparison Dr T Sundararajan, Wheels India Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0107 Temperature of the Oil Seal for Automobile Shock Absorber Jonggab Kim, JINYANG OILSEAL Co.;Ltd, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0108 Study on Regeneration Strategies of Cordierite-DPF applied to a Diesel Vehicle Ki-Hyun Baek, R&D Division; Hyundai & Kia Co., South Korea
SAE2011-28-0109 B-Pillar Intrusion and Velocity Sensitivity Study for Side Impact load Case Ashish Nayak, GMTCI, India
SAE2011-28-0110 Cross-section Design of the Crash Box to Maximize Energy Absorption HyunAhLee, Mechanical engineering; Hanyang University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0111 Study of Influence of steering wheel design change on Performance characteristics of energy-absorbing steering systems Ruhi Thakur, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0112 Calculation Method for Steer Angle by two Angle Sensor Park Jooil, Infineon Korea ATV, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0113 Latest Trends and Cost effective NCAP Lower Leg Pedestrian performance Solutions Ch Ravi Kiran, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0114 Simplified Model for HIC Prediction for Pedestrian Head Impacts Kshitij Sharma, General Motors Technical Center India Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0115 Crumple Zone Design and Upper Legform Impactor Analysis For Pedestrian Protection Hyung-il Moon, Kangwon Natinal Univercity, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0116 Computational and Experimental Crash Analysis of the Train Seat with Energy Absorbing Device Sang-Min Shin, University of Science and Technology; KRRI Campus, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0117 Performance Optimization of a 4 Cylinder, 5.3L, DI Diesel
Engine for Power, Torque and Emission Level Up-gradation
Using 1-D Thermodynamic Simulation
Ajay Nain, Ashok Leyland Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0118 Thermomechanical Analysis of the Cylinder head and Cylinder Block with the liner of AFV Diesel Engine N Venkateswaran, CEAD; CVRDE; DRDO, India
SAE2011-28-0119 Model-Based Technique for Air-Intake-System Control Using
Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of SI Engines
and Multiple-Objective Optimization
Kunihiko Suzuki, Hitachi; Ltd. Hitachi Research Laboratory, Japan
SAE2011-28-0120 Numerical study of the effect of conicity and inlet rounding of
Diesel injector nozzles and its influence on spray
Sandeep Kumar Mouvanal, Continental Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0121 Piston Assembly Design Optimization using Simulation Techniques - A CAE approach C Bharathi, M/s India Pistons Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0122 Parametric Identification of Damage Parameters of LS-DYNA Gurson Material Model Karthik Chittepu, CADFEM Engg. Service Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0123 A 3D Simulation for Optimization of Metal Fiber DPF System Jungkyu Park, Mechanical Department; Konkuk University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0124  Designing Robust Weldment Assemblies by Incorporating Non-Primary Failure Modes due to Weld Redundancy in FEA Tushar Govindan Sundaresan, John Deere, India
SAE2011-28-0125 A Study of Rich Flame Propagation in Gasoline SI Engine
based on 3-D Numerical Simulations
Dr Anand Gurupatham, Renault-Nissan Technology and Business Center, India
SAE2011-28-0126 A Study of the Transient Analysis Technique on the Underhood Thermal Damage Shim Hong Rok, Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0127 Development and Application of Advanced CFD Method to Optimize the Spool Valve Kyoung Song, Powertrain CAE Team, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0128 An Integrated Approach for Analysis of Automotive Tubular Rear Axle Manoj Rajesh Purohit, Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0129 Simulation and Test Correlation of Wheel Impact Test K Mohammed Billal, Chrysler India Automotive Private Limited, India
SAE2011-28-0130 The Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of a Fuse box under Complex Environment JAE-JOO; JEON, CAE-CUBE CO.; LTD., South Korea
Boris N Belousov, N E Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
SAE2011-28-0132 Simulation Based Approach for FIS Configuration Selection Sujay Marathe, Sinhgad College of Engineering; Pune, India
SAE2011-28-0133 GUI Development for Dynamic Simulation and Operation Sequence of Power Trunk Lid System Hao Liu, Keimyung University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0134 Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle BLDC Motor James Kuria Kimotho, JKUAT, Kenya
Part1 Analysis of the thermal fluid field in a headlamp based
on the real 3D-CAD model
Harumi Sato, Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan
SAE2011-28-0136 Thermal Fluid Analysis By a Mesh Free Simulation – Part2
Analysis of the Indoor Climate in a Vehicle Cabin Based on the
3D-CAD model
Minoru Inoue, Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan
SAE2011-28-0137 A Liquid-Piston Steam Engine Kentaro Fukuda, DENSO CORPORATION, Japan
SAE2011-28-0138 A Modified Framework for Reliable Testing of Model Based
System in Automotive Industry
Venkatasubramaniyan Kuppusamy, Continental Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd., India
SAE2011-28-0139 Development of the Hardware-in-the loop Simulator for Evaluating Performance of EPS system Jaejoon Kwon, Kookmin University, South Korea
SAE2011-28-0140 Title Chaitanya Kulkarni, ARAI; Pune, India

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